Chapter 88:

Chapter 88: "It" Comes Calling

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 88: “It” Comes Calling

Narrator: The heroes have reunited but something is pursuing them!

*As the heroes are on the balcony, they feel rumbling*

Zeth: What was that!?

Kurt: Get back inside!

*They start running through more of the mansion and then they hear a roar and rumbling footsteps*

Joe: What the hell was that!?

Kurt: I’d rather not find out! We need to get to the upper floors!

*A wall breaks down near them and out comes a giant monster. It has a deformed-looking humanish face with super sharp teeth. Since it has no legs, it crawls with its hands. Its skin looks almost like a reptile’s. It has a dark pink aura. It is too big for the heroes to be able to run past in the hallway*

All Five Heroes: What the hell is that!!!?

*The heroes start running away from it*

Emily: This is the thing of nightmares!

Sasha: What do we do!?

Zeth: All we can do is run!!

*“It” gives chase. Its large form destroys parts of the mansion along the way. Notably, those parts don’t regenerate*

Kurt: I can’t believe Daykona was able to put something this large in the mansion!

*The heroes run into a medium-sized room and then “it” destroys the door and surroundings to get in. Neither the door nor the wall regenerate*

Zeth: It can destroy stuff to get in? Why is nothing it destroys regenerating?

*Zeth’s intense thinking slows his reaction time down and “it” charges into him as the other heroes dodge*

*Zeth is knocked back into a wall*

Sasha: Zeth!!

*“It” is about to devour him but Joe creates a burst of wind to push him out of the way*

Joe: This is no time to be thinking about that!

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: You’re right.

*They all then run out of the room*


*The heroes run from it for what seems to be a while. Eventually, they lose sight of it and then they all then stop and catch their breath*

Emily: *huff huff* What could that thing possibly be?

Joe: *huff huff* My best guess would be a science experiment gone wrong.

Kurt: *huff huff* Something tells me that might actually be the case.

*The other four look at him*

Kurt: Think about it. That “thing” looks deformed. It looks like Daykona tried to create something and didn’t get the results she wanted.

Sasha: What could she have wanted?

Zeth: And if so, why use this failed experiment on us?

Kurt: There are a number of possibilities. What she wanted to make, I have no idea. Why she is using it on us, she is probably getting desperate.

Zeth: I hope so because it means there must not be much left. I’m getting tired of this place.

*As they continue walking through the mansion, they hear a quick rumble and then “it” drops through the ceiling behind them*

Zeth: It’s back! Run for it!

*They begin running again with “it” chasing after them. Eventually, they reach the end of a hallway that has nothing but a door. They try opening it but it’s locked*

Joe: Damn it, the door is locked!

Zeth: Looks like we have no choice but to fight it! You ready, everyone!?

The Other Four Heroes: Yeah!

Narrator: The heroes are now trapped by “it”. What can they do to defeat the large monster?

Chapter 88 END

To be Continued in Chapter 89: Heroes vs “It”