Chapter 92:

Chapter 92: Experimentation Book

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 92: Experimentation Book

Narrator: Back with Udana.

*Udana is going through the mansion*

Udana: I’m definitely getting closer to my target since security is becoming more frequent. Foolish Daykona, your end is near.

*Udana enters a laboratory area. Suddenly, five guards appear, they are wearing full body armor with helmets that conceal their faces*

Udana: You five must be Daykona’s personal guard. I suppose she has nobody else left.

Guard 1: All five of us have E-Rank magic and will tear you apart.

*Udana yawns*

Udana: All you just did is confirm that you are no threat to me. I’m the strongest D-Rank magic user in the world and am on the edge of reaching C-Rank. If you’re expecting anything more than a complete slaughter, you will be disappointed. Are you ready?

G1: Kill that crazy woman!

Udana: Sword, red.

*Udana rushes towards the guards. She blocks G2’s sword with her sword and then jumps for G5 and slashes his head off*

Udana: That’s one.

*G4 starts shooting at her with a machine gun but Udana throws her sword at him and pierces his head and he dies*

Udana: That’s two.

*Udana grabs her sword from G4’s corpse and slashes at the energy beams being thrown by G3. The beams go right back at him and hurt him. Udana finishes him by stabbing him*

Udana: That’s three.

*Udana then engages in a sword duel with G2 but after a good number of blocks, she slices him in half*

Udana: That’s four.

*G1 begins trying to punch Udana with magic-powered fists but Udana jumps on his arm and then thrusts her sword down into his skull, killing him*

Udana: And that’s five. You could have avoided that if you had just left me alone. Sheep don’t come after the wolves.

*Udana continues on in the laboratory. She comes across many living experiments of various animals and most appear to be failed ones. Udana uses her sword and kills them all as she goes through*

Udana: Daykona clearly has no idea what she is doing. It’s best to put them out of their misery.

*Udana comes across a book on a podium*

Udana: The Experimentation Book. This is exactly what I’m looking for.

*She grabs the book*

Udana: When Daykona loses, this mansion will lose its magic properties. I will then burn it to the ground.

*Udana starts leaving and uses her device to communicate with Kogen*

Udana: I have done everything there is to do. I’m now leaving the mansion.

Narrator: Udana has found the Experimentation Book that Daykona had. What experiments could Kogen plan to use it for?

Chapter 92 END

To be Continued in Chapter 93: Daykona’s Reasons