Chapter 93:

Chapter 93: Daykona's Reasons

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 93: Daykona’s Reasons

Narrator: Sasha has woken up and now the heroes are trying to get to Daykona. Like last time, Sasha does not remember much from what just happened.

*The heroes converse as they continue running through the mansion*

Sasha: So I did that? I see. I wish I could tell you more but I don’t know.

Zeth: It’s okay. We will get your power unlocked.

Emily: Trouble ahead of us!

*She points to the Daykona minions*

Zeth: No problem! We can blow right through these guys!

*They punch any minion they come in contact with*

Kurt: They are setting up a blockade ahead!

*Minions are seen gathering around a blockade*

Zeth: Once again, no problem!

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast which destroys the blockade and annihilates the minions too. After getting through, they eventually reach a large staircase*

Zeth: Due to the fancy design, I figure these stairs will take us to Daykona.

Kurt: I was just thinking the same thing.

Joe: Then let’s go up there and kick her ass. I’m tired of this stupid mansion.

Emily: I think we all are.

Sasha: Let’s get going.

*They begin running up the stairs. As they run up, turrets hanging from the ceiling appear and start shooting magic beams at the heroes*

Zeth: This is nothing! Let’s take these out!

Sasha, Kurt, Emily, and Joe: Right!

*The heroes have no problem handling them as they dodge the beams and then release their own ranged magic attacks to destroy them. Soon all of the turrets are destroyed*

Zeth: It seems Daykona now has no choice but to fight us herself.

*They all have confident smiles as they can see the end of this mess in sight. They reach the top of the stairs and are now in a very large room. They see Daykona sitting on her throne*

Zeth: Oh, so you are acting like you are royalty now?

Daykona: Hehehe! You have done well to make it this far.

Zeth: No, it’s more like you have done well to avoid having me not stop to talk and just go straight to strangling you for this bullshit.

Sasha: What are you after!?

Kurt: You have yet to be clear on anything about your goals.

*Daykona looks up at the 8-feet-wide glass window part of the ceiling*

Daykona: I want to experiment. I want to create. I want to know what the gods have hidden from us mortals.

*Zeth raises an eyebrow*

Daykona: I have big bulging eyes and though they don’t literally make me see better, they figuratively let me see that something is clearly not right about this world and the heavens and the hells. The gods and goddesses of the light and dark fighting over what to do with us as if we are their playthings.

Zeth: That is bullshit! My mother does everything in her power to protect this world!

Daykona: I want to create beings that can oppose the gods.

Kurt: That experiment that can resist magic…

Daykona: Precisely, though that one was a failure. This has all led me to join the Divine Killers. Or as it’s also known, Crow Beak. Although I mainly operate independently of the rest of the organization.

*An angry Zeth recalls that Harmona warned him about the Divine Killers*

(Flashback) Harmona: Something I need to warn you about during your travels, watch out for the Divine Killers. Though, their organization is officially called “Crow Beak”. They are a group of mortal people that want to rid the world of all divine influence. They think that only mortals should have influence in the world, as naïve as they are, and will try to kill anyone who does not originate in the mortal world. This makes them a wild card in the battle against the Dark Goddess. Zeth, if they find out you are a divine being, they will come after you. And you being the son of a goddess will only make you more important as a target. (End Flashback)

Zeth: So you’re my first encounter with one of these misguided Crow Beak people!

Daykona: It is here that I now get the chance to start by killing the children of both the Light and Dark Goddesses. *Daykona lifts her arms in the air* Let this be a warning to the gods!

Zeth: That’s it, I have had enough of you!!

*Zeth powers up*

Zeth: Your destruction! Let it begin!!!

Narrator: The heroes have heard the plans and reasons of Daykona. Now their final battle with her starts.

Chapter 93 END

To be Continued in Chapter 94: Heroes vs Daykona