Chapter 98:

Chapter 98: The Boulder Trap

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 98: The Boulder Trap

Narrator: With Sandy joining the battle, Daykona has now fallen into the trap of the Queen of all Trolls!

*Daykona lands in a square-shaped room. There are three buttons*

Daykona: I see now. Sandy, you have betrayed me.

*She walks to the left button and pushes it*

Daykona: The flaw with your magic, Sandy, is that you can’t use it unless you create a way to win.

*Unfortunately for Daykona, it was the wrong button and raptors start spawning in the room*

Daykona: Just my luck.

*Small holes in the walls also open but she doesn’t notice as the raptors assault her. While she is distracted by the raptors, Kurt falls from above and punches her down on the top of her head. He quickly runs to an open door which disappears after he enters*

*Daykona is bitten by the raptors*

Daykona: Damn you!

*Suddenly, lightning bolts from Joe come out of the holes in the walls and she takes damage*

*In her rage, Daykona quickly punches all of the raptors to death and then goes to the right button and pushes it. This time she was right*

*A door appears for her and she goes through it. She is now in a pitch-black room*

Daykona: What are you trying to pull with this, Sandy?

*Since she can’t see, she walks into a hole and falls. She falls into a straight hallway and hears a rumble. A giant boulder appears*

Daykona: You think you can defeat me with that giant boulder!!!?

*A flying sign appears and it says “Yes”. Daykona punches the sign and it breaks into pieces*

*Daykona holds out her five arms and grabs onto the boulder. Though she slows its momentum, it is still pushing her back. As she gets pushed back, she uses her laser beam which shoots a hole in the boulder. From behind her, Emily comes charging*

Emily: (Thinking) This is it!! I can end this battle right here!!

*Emily jumps and intends to cut off Daykona’s head. She slashes and cuts off one of Daykona’s upper arms but one of Daykona’s lower arms punches Emily hard in the leg before her sword can reach Daykona’s head. Emily is knocked back and her leg is hurting badly. However, Daykona gets rolled over by the boulder and it stops*

*Kurt and Joe show up*

Emily: Is it over?

Joe: Hopefully it is because your leg is in pretty bad shape.

Kurt: Let’s get you out of here.

*They feel a rumble*

Kurt: No way…

*Lasers shoot through the rock everywhere from below the boulder. The boulder then falls completely apart as Daykona emerges, though she is injured*

*Kurt, Joe, and Emily are all shocked*

Kurt: I can’t believe she survived that!! That boulder would have flattened us to a pancake!!

*She looks less human now as her skin has reptile features. From where her arm was just cut off is now a crab-like claw, leaving her arm arrangement as four human arms, an eye tentacle, and a crab claw*

Joe: What does it take to kill you!!!?

Daykona: Hehehe! Clearly more power than the five of you have! Unfortunately, my mutations are becoming too much. Once I destroy all of you, I will have to kill myself. But I will die happy knowing I killed two divine beings! Hahahahaha!!

Emily: That must be what she meant by calling herself a martyr earlier.


Narrator: Meanwhile, back with Sasha and Zeth.

*Sasha is still crying while holding Zeth’s body, but a powerful dark aura begins to form around her body*

Sasha: *sniff* That monster. *sniff* She insulted us. *sniff* She insulted all divine beings. *sniff*

*Sasha’s voice starts turning from one that is sad to one that is angry*

Sasha: She is trying to kill us and all that is important to us! Zeth… You must rip her guts out! Take my dark power. You need the energy to fight her. Show her what it means to defy a god!

*Sasha’s dark energy flows into Zeth*

Sasha: That’s it. Take it all.

*Sasha has given all of her energy to Zeth. His eyes open and they are full of hatred.

Narrator: In an effort to save Zeth, Sasha has given Zeth her dark power. With this temporary boost, will he be able to kill Daykona and save his friends?

Chapter 98 END

To be Continued in Chapter 99: Dark Star