Chapter 111:

Chapter 111: The Search for the Drunken Divine Beings

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 111: The Search for the Drunken Divine Beings

Narrator: 4 hours have now passed since the heroes split into groups.

*Joe, Emily, Zaydra, and Kurt are at the meeting point but Zeth and Sasha are not*

Emily: Where are Zeth and Sasha? Have you seen them?

Kurt: No.

Zaydra: They either got lost or lost track of time. Now we have to go and find them.

*They start walking through the city. They see that there is a commotion at the Hirro City Bar*

Joe: What's going on here?

*They talk to a random demon*

Kurt: What is going on here?

Demon: Some soldiers charged into the bar and then a big fight between them and a ton of drunken people broke out.

Zaydra: We are going in.

*They go inside the bar*


*They look around to see that the bar is a mess and there are drunk people everywhere*

Emily: My first thought about this place is that it looks like a total disaster zone.

Kurt: I’d expect nothing less from a place full of drunken people.

Zaydra: Perhaps Zeth and Sasha took part in the battle. I can’t see drunken people being able take out trained soldiers.

Joe: I think a “battle” was an understatement. This place is a wreck.

Emily: Let’s ask some people and see if Zeth and Sasha were here.

*As they walk to find someone to talk to, Zaydra looks at the dead soldiers suspiciously. They start talking to a drunk demon*

Kurt: Why did these soldiers charge into this bar?

Drunk Demon: They were lu lu looking ffffor Kkkkkkeith.

Zaydra: And Keith was here?

Drunken Demon: Yes. He, along with a gu gu guy with black hair wearing a hu hu headband and a girl with black hair and wearing a leatherrrrrrrr ju ju jacket led us in our sacred battle against those da da damn soldiers.

*The heroes are shocked as they recognize the descriptions of Zeth and Sasha. Zaydra grabs the demon’s shoulders*

Zaydra: Where did they go!!!?

Drunken Demon: They were sooo *hiccup* ffffucking du du drunk. In their wasted states, the three of them left like bu bu best buds but I don’t know where they wennnnnnt.

*Zaydra is furious*

Zaydra: Damn it!!!!!!

*Zaydra walks up to one of the dead soldiers and takes off its face-covering helmet**The soldier has the head of a spider. The heroes, except Zaydra, are shocked*

Zaydra: I see. A spider demon. This is likely one of the sides of the power struggle. All of these soldiers are likely spider demons. We have to find Zeth and Sasha fast!

*They leave the bar*

Emily: How are we going to find them?

Zaydra: Simple. We go to where this Keith lives.

Joe: And how do we find that?


Narrator: The heroes asked around and found out where Keith lives. A bit later, they show up at where he lives.

*The heroes are standing in front of a one-story building*

Emily: So Keith lives here?

Zaydra: Yes, based on the information I received. That said, you should still keep your guard up.

*They enter the building and carefully walk through the it until they get to a living room area and see Zeth, Sasha, and Keith. They all look dressed as if they are a part of a biker gang, though Zeth is still wearing his headband. They are drinking more alcohol*

Zaydra: What the hell!?

*Zeth holds up a bottle of beer*

Zeth: Hey si si sis, and Ku Ku Kurt, Em Em Emily, and Ju Ju Joe. Why not join us for a di di drink?

*The four non-drunk heroes facepalm*

Zaydra: May I remind you we are not here to party and drink!

Zeth: This fu fu fine fellow offered us a drink and we di di did drink while he told us his stu stu story.

*Sasha puts her hands up and is holding a bottle*

Sasha: Funnnnnnn!

*Zaydra looks at Keith*

Zaydra: And you! You’re going to explain everything when you are not drunk as hell!

Keith: Shu shu sure.

Zaydra: Looks like we will be staying here overnight. None of you will be leaving or drinking!

*Zeth, Sasha, and Keith nod in disappointment*


Narrator: The next day. It is now the heroes’ Day 2 in the Swamp Underworld.

Zaydra: What the hell!!!!!!? How are you three still drunk!!!!!?

Keith: We dra dra drank gooooood shit. You can be wa wa wasted for du du days.

Zaydra: No friggin way.

Keith: Drunk is looooove, drunk is liiiiiiiife.

Zeth and Sasha: Yeahhhhh!! *hiccup*

Zaydra: Kurt, Emily, and Joe. You three supervise these clowns. I’m going out to figure out everything.

*They nod*

Narrator: With Zeth and Sasha still wasted, things are not going the way that was planned. What happens from here?

Chapter 111 END

To be Continued in Chapter 112: The Power Struggle