Chapter 112:

Chapter 112: The Power Struggle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 112: The Power Struggle

Narrator: In a valley of the Swamp Underworld.

*In the valley, there lies a fortress. The fortress is inhabited by human-sized spiders and humanoid spiders. However, there is a spider that looks half-human, half-spider. She has short black hair and her eyes look web-like. The human part of her body is covered in a black dress*

Narrator: Ruler of the Spider Demons – Lady Spay.

Random Spider: Lady Spay, the soldiers we sent after Keith were defeated.

Spay: I see.

Spider: We have been told that Keith has been spending time with another male and female.

Spay: (smiling) Well, then why don’t we pay them a visit.

Spider: Yes, my lady.

Spay: We will take care of Keith so we can finally focus our efforts on Kitipede.


Narrator: Somewhere in a cave of the Swamp Underworld.

*In the cave, there are many human-sized centipedes. There are also humans and demons who are under the control of the centipedes*

*Their leader’s appearance is that of what looks like a young teenage human with neck-length blonde hair and her eyes have a gray iris color*

Narrator: Leader of the Centipede Demons – Kitipede.

Kitipede: It appears the spiders have made some commotion at Hirro City. Very interesting.

*She starts walking through a cave tunnel and appears high up in a large room*

*The room appears to be the main room of the cave as there are many tunnels connected to it as well as a large spring at the bottom of it*

Kitipede: My centipedes!

*All of the centipedes stop what they are doing and pay attention to her*

Kitipede: I can feel it! That this power struggle will finally go somewhere and our side will gain the upper hand!!

*The centipedes cheer*

Kitipede: We will execute the spiders!! We will execute Commander Moss!!

*The centipedes cheer even more*

Kitipede: We will take control in this three-way power struggle!!!

*The cheering gets even louder*

*Kitipede then starts walking back through the tunnel she came from*

Kitipede: (Grinning) I think it’s time I take a little trip.


Narrator: In a city known as Telecouch City, it is led by Commander Moss. Nobody knows whether he is human or demon.

*A man is sitting at his desk. He has short light brown hair, a black beard and mustache. He is wearing a gray uniform. He is 6 feet tall*

Narrator: Head of Telecouch City – Commander Moss.

Commander Moss: The spiders and the centipedes will die. They think they can challenge me for power but they can’t. I will crush them into dust.

*His phone rings and he answers it*

CM: This is Commander Moss.

???: Sir, it’s Major Tarres. Major Smithy and I have captured some spiders and centipedes.

CM: Good. You will begin testing our secret weapon on them.

Major Tarres: Yes, commander. Would you like to join us?

CM: Indeed, I would. I will be coming in half an hour.

MT: Cool. We will make the preparations.

*Commander Moss leans back in his chair and puts one leg on his desk. He then taps his fingers*

CM: (Sinister smile) Excellent.


*From each of their locations, all three leaders in the power struggle make a declaration*

Lady Spay, Kitipede, and Commander Moss: I will win this power struggle!

Narrator: All three sides of the power struggle are known. With the heroes caught in the middle of it, how will they affect the outcome?

Chapter 112 END

To be Continued in Chapter 113: Abduction at Hirro City