Chapter 113:

Chapter 113: Abduction at Hirro City

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 113: Abduction at Hirro City

*Zaydra is at an area where there used to be some kind of pond*

Zaydra: There was a Kraysheen pond here! Where did it all go!? How could it all just disappear!?


Narrator: It is now the heroes’ Day 3 at the Swamp Underworld.

*Zaydra has just left the building where the heroes have been staying*

Zaydra: (Talking to herself) Where could it have gone? A pond doesn’t just disappear like that.


Narrator: Later that day.

*Zaydra is talking to some demons*

Zaydra: What?

Demon: Yeah, the spider demons are heavily invested in taking Keith out. He has been a thorn in their side.

Zaydra: Do they know how to find him?

Demon: Yeah, they have spies in this city. They will do almost anything to get him.

Zaydra: (Thinking) Oh no! Zeth and Sasha are in danger!

Zaydra: Thank you for the information. I have to go.

*She leaves and starts running*

Zaydra: They could fight them off but they are still drunk. If the spider demons send elite forces, they won’t stand a chance!


Narrator: Back at Keith’s building.

Keith: You see, I ha ha have been living here because I don’t want to put my family in da da danger. I’m sure they know I live here.

Kurt: You should have told us that sooner!

???: Tis unfortunate.

*The heroes are all alerted*

Kurt: Who’s there!!?

*Eight humanoid spiders appear. They have spider heads but the rest of their bodies are human-like. They are wearing armor*

Red Armored Spider: We are Lady Spay’s Secret Ops group.

Joe: It’s hardly a secret if you tell us.

RA Spider: That’s okay because we don’t plan on letting you live. We are here for Keith.

Zeth: Go fu fu fuck yourself. Keith is a cu cu cool bro and doesn’t need to be in your cl cl clutches.

Keith: Yeah. You te te tell them.

*Zeth drunkenly charges at the spiders. They all separate and Zeth’s movements are too slow to hit his target because of his drunkenness*

*The other heroes engage the other spiders while Zeth tries to fight the red armored one. The spider has no problem easily dodging his punches and then gets his own punches in*

RA Spider: What a joke. No drunken fool is going to do anything to me.

*There are six heroes and eight spiders so some heroes find themselves fighting two at a time. Zeth, Sasha, and Keith simply are unable to keep up in the fights due to their drunkenness*

GA Spider: The drunks will be no problem at all.

*The green armored spider hits Sasha with a mace and she is knocked to the ground and falls unconscious*

*Joe’s lightning attacks have no effect on the yellow armored spider as that spider can harness electricity and power itself up. Joe is shocked and then is punched hard in the face and is knocked back against a wall and falls unconscious*

YA Spider: Thanks for the power-up.

*Emily is doing well fighting off the blue armored spider with her slasher sword, but then has to block the green armored spider’s mace with her sword. The blue armored spider then uses his swift movements to kick Emily, knocking her back but she is still conscious*

*Kurt is fighting the purple armored spider and orange armored spider at the same time. He creates aura hands allowing him to fight multiple people at once. He gets a good number of hits on them*

Kurt: My magic is well suited for taking on multiple opponents at the same time!

*Keith uses his dimensional holes to fight the black and gray armored spiders at the same time but his drunkenness makes it more difficult to land hits*

*Zeth uses his Star Shards and Star Shine Blasts on the red armored spider but he just can’t aim accurately. His missed attacks start damaging the building*

RA Spider: I am impressed by your abilities. Too bad you are too drunk to use them well.

Zeth: Sh Sh Shut it!

*Zeth tries another punch but then is kicked and knocked back toward the other heroes and falls unconscious*

YA Spider: I’m going to turn out the lights. Grab Keith when the lights go out. Kill the rest.

*The YA Spider goes over to the light switch and turns them off. Striking noises are heard but the heroes can’t see anything*

Narrator: Five minutes later, the lights are turned on.

*The lights were turned on by Sasha whose true power had come out again because she fell unconscious so her eyes are black with red irises. She looks around the room to see that everyone is unconscious but she sees Keith is there while she doesn’t see Zeth. She becomes angry and a dark aura surrounds her*

Sasha: Damn it!!!!!!!

*Right after that, Zaydra runs into the building. Her eyes open wide as she sees the damage and the furious Sasha*

Zaydra: Please no…

Sasha: Their target was Keith but they took Zeth. Their blood will cover the ground as I slaughter them all.

*Zaydra checks the unconscious heroes*

Zaydra: They are unconscious but seem to be okay.

Sasha: Good. We are going on a death hunt.

Narrator: In the unfortunate battle, Zeth ends up being abducted despite not being the target. Things just keep getting worse.

Chapter 113 END

To be Continued in Chapter 114: The Mistaken One