Chapter 114:

Chapter 114: The Mistaken One

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 114: The Mistaken One

Narrator: Back at the spider fortress.

*The Secret Ops group is now back at the spider fortress and they dump the bag that they thought they stuffed Keith into. Instead, Zeth’s unconscious body falls out of it*

RA Spider: What the—? This isn’t Keith! How did we grab the wrong guy?

GA Spider: How should I know?

RA Spider: This is frustrating.

Lady Spay: No matter. We can use this one to lure Keith to us. We will get what we want from Keith. Don’t you worry. In the meantime…

*Lady Spay bites Zeth on the shoulder*


Narrator: 2 Days later. It is now Day 5 for the heroes in the Swamp Underworld.

*Zeth starts to open his eyes and he puts his left hand on his forehead. He is no longer drunk*

Zeth: My head hurts.

*Zeth is in a prison cell*

Zeth: Ugh. Where am I? I… remember fighting a humanoid spider…

RA Spider: Oh, finally awake, are you?

Zeth: You!

RA Spider: You are now our hostage. We want Keith. If he cooperates, you will be free to go.

*The RA Spider leaves*

Zeth: Hey wait! I want to talk!

*Zeth gets no response and then he suddenly feels sick*

Zeth: I don’t… feel good.

*He runs over to the toilet and pukes. There is blood in his puke*

Zeth: The carnivorous blood… I’m starting to feel its effects.

*He looks angry now*

Zeth: That’s it! I’m going to destroy these assholes now!

*He shoots a Star Shine Blast at the cell bars and destroys them*

*Zeth starts running and encounters no guards as he reaches the main room of the fortress. In the main room, he finds Lady Spay and other spiders*

Spay: Oh, so you broke out of your cell? You must not be some ordinary fellow then.

Zeth: Why do you seem so calm when your prisoner broke out of his cell and is now about to kill you?

Spay: Go ahead. Try to kill me.

*Zeth tries to shoot a Star Shine Blast at Lady Spay but can’t*

Zeth: Work!

*He then decides to charge at her to attempt physical attacks but his body stops before he gets to her*

Zeth: Why can’t I attack you!?

Spay: Because I made you part spider. Only a little bit though. You still have your original mind and free will but you can’t do anything that causes harm to one of us.

Zeth: You have to be kidding me?

Spay: Nope. If Keith turns himself over, you will be free to go and I will reverse your spiderfication.

Zeth: When they all get here, they will kick your spider ass.

Spay: Your friends have already been defeated once. They won’t fair better a second time.

Zeth: (Smiling) You’d be surprised then. I won’t even try to escape. I will wait right here for them.

Spay: Your confidence is amusing.


Narrator: Meanwhile in the valleys of the Swamp Underworld.

*The heroes begin their approach to Lady Spay’s fortress. Zaydra, Sasha (in her true personality and dark powers), Keith, Emily, Kurt, and Joe are all there*

Zaydra: Let’s go.

Sasha: Death to the spiders. Let the carnage begin.

Narrator: The heroes have now reached the fortress. Will they succeed in rescuing Zeth?

Chapter 114 END

To be Continued in Chapter 115: Rampage in Lady Spay’s Fortress