Chapter 120:

Chapter 120: What You Do To Spiders

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 120: What You Do To Spiders

Narrator: Keith is in a tough battle with Lady Spay!

Keith: That attack hurt me badly…

*Keith takes a long look at his surroundings. He then puts his hand behind his back and creates a portal*

Spay: Let me ask you something. Would it really be that bad if I took control of the Swamp Underworld?

Keith: That’s a stupid question. Of course, it would be!

Spay: I fail to see how me having control would be worse than Commander Moss or Kitipede having control.

Keith: You spiders and centipedes have made life in the Swamp Underworld a living hell!

Spay: You are quite young so this was before your time but there was once a time when the Swamp Underworld was ruled by kings and queens. The ruling family had a history of siding with the Dark Goddess. The last king from that ruling family abandoned all of us to join the Dark Goddess.

Keith: Why should I care what someone from a long time ago did? I care about the now and you are part of that problem!

Spay: Whatever you think of the Swamp Underworld now, it used to be far worse. I was just a young spider demon girl during the reign of the last king. Unlike that ruling family, I will not side with the Dark Goddess. The Swamp Underworld will become independent!

Keith: You start an assault and attack people in this city and you think you can be a good leader for the Swamp Underworld!? Get the hell out of here!

*Spay charges up her magic*

Spay: You just blew your last chance to get to live!

*Spay shoots a web-like energy blast at Keith and he jumps out of the way. He then jumps onto a car near a building*

*With his arm behind his back again, he creates another portal and Spay doesn’t notice. Keith then dodges another web-like energy blast*

Spay: Is that all you are going to do now? Just dodging? You can’t beat me that way.

*Now on the street again, Keith launches a portal in the air. He opens it and then sends a bunch of magic energy blasts into it*

Spay: You must not learn very well.

*Keith charges at Spay again and tries rapidly punching her*

*Spay has no trouble blocking the attacks and then she follows her blocks up with gut punches to stop his attack*

Spay: Your attack speed has slowed considerably. Give up.

Keith: (coughing) You may have weakened and slowed me but I can still outsmart you. I will show you what you do to spiders.

*Spay punches Keith into the ground*

Spay: I think it’s time I finish you off. It’s been fun, you little insect.

*From behind her, a portal opens up and a bunch of magic energy blasts come out of it and hit Spay in the back*

*Spay is sent flying forward from the blasts, she took a lot of damage but steadies herself*

Spay: How was there a portal behind me!?

*Keith stands up laughing*

Keith: On my way back to the hotel, I did set up some portals. You never know when or where you will need to fight. Just look around us. Humans, demons, centipedes, spiders. All are fighting in these streets. And I find your insect comment amusing because while spiders are arachnids, almost everyone groups them together with insects anyway so you will be getting squashed!

*Keith hops onto various objects until he is on top of a shoe store that has a giant shoe statue on it and he creates a portal*

Keith: There are three reasons why the people of the Swamp Underworld don’t need you. One. Because you are a bitch!

*Spay is getting angry*

Keith: Two. Because spiders are creepy as hell!

*Spay has had enough and launches herself upwards towards Keith*

Keith: And Three!! Because we smash spiders like a boss!!

*With most of his remaining power, Keith sends an open portal at the raging Spay who can’t dodge it and, at the same time, opens the portal on top of the shoe store*

*Magic energy beams come out of the portal on the shoe store and blow off the holdings for the giant shoe statue so it begins to fall. Spay gets teleported to the portal Keith made on top of the car a bit earlier*

*Spay is instantly smashed by the giant shoe statue*

Keith: And that is what you do to spiders!!! You smash them with a shoe!!!

*Spay is almost completely smashed under the shoe statue, only her head and a little bit of her upper body are not smashed*

*Keith jumps down and confronts Spay*

Spay: Uh uh…. uh… defeated by a shoe statue… I can’t… believe it…

Keith: It’s the proper way to kill a spider. Remember that in death!

Spay: I could have… I could have led the Swamp Underworld… to a better existence…

*Lady Spay dies*

*Keith looks out into the distance at everyone that is fighting*

Keith: I hope the others are okay.

Narrator: Keith has managed to defeat Lady Spay. How are the others doing?

Chapter 120 END

To be Continued in Chapter 121: Emily, Kurt, and Joe vs Kitipede