Chapter 121:

Chapter 121: Emily, Kurt, and Joe vs Kitipede

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 121: Emily, Kurt, and Joe vs Kitipede

Narrator: With Keith’s battle with Lady Spay over, it’s time to check out the other major battle.

*Kitipede snaps the neck of a random demon on the streets of the city. She is then confronted by Emily, Joe, and Kurt*

*Kitipede then turns her neck sideways to look at them with a sinister smile*

Emily: Kitipede, right?

Kitipede: Oh? Do you want to fight me?

*Joe forms a lightning bolt and throws it at Kitipede*

Joe: That’s right! Stop this assault on the city!

*Despite that Kitipede is like a human, she gets on all fours and quickly scurries over to the heroes as a centipede would. She is able to avoid Joe’s lightning bolt*

Emily: Woah! A humanoid being should not move like that!

Kitipede: I know my appearance doesn’t show it, but I’m still a centipede demon!

*Kitipede quickly gets up and punches Joe and kicks Kurt in the jaw. Emily uses her Slasher Sword and tries to slash Kitipede but Kitipede blocks it*

*Emily has a shocked face, Kitipede smiles and then gut kicks her which sends her back. Kitipede then jumps onto the side of a building*

Kitipede: So none of you died. I’m impressed as that makes you the strongest I have faced so far in this city.

Kurt: I can promise you that we are not pushovers!

Kitipede: Then continue to impress me!

Kurt: Gladly!

*Kurt releases a lot of aura whips at Kitipede but she simply jumps off the side of the building towards Kurt and avoids them*

*Kurt tries a flame aura punch but Kitipede rolls into a ball shape as she comes down and Kurt misses and then Kitipede smashes into Kurt*

*Right after, she unrolls and is then engaged by Emily who is using her dual daggers. Joe creates freezing rain to ice the street*

Emily: I’ll stab these into your limbs so you can’t go anywhere!

Joe: And good luck moving on an icy street!

*Kitipede starts slipping which allows Emily to get some hits in with her daggers, though she is not able to stab them into the limbs in a way that prevents Kitipede from moving. Kitipede looks like she is in pain*

Emily: I bet it’s hurting a lot! This time, I will stop you completely!

*Soon, Kitipede regains her balance and then knocks the daggers out of Emily’s hands and then kicks her into a car*

Emily: Aah! Damn!

Kitipede: Don’t underestimate me! I am the leader of the centipede demons!

*Joe creates multiple razor hail clouds and Kitipede is surprised at first and ends up getting cut by the razor hail coming down on her*

*She jumps out and quickly runs towards Joe and rapidly punches him until he is knocked to the ground*

Kitipede: I don’t like what you just did to me so I think I will kill you first.

*Both Kurt and Emily attack Kitipede from behind*

*She roll jumps behind them and kicks them both in the back*

Kitipede: Don’t you see? You humans have no chance against me.

*Emily has a look of fear in her eyes*

Emily: Is she right? Are we humans truly inferior to demons? We are failing in a 3 against 1.


Narrator: Meanwhile at the entrance of the Swamp Underworld.

*Korobu enters the Swamp Underworld*

Korobu: It’s been a while since I have been here.

*He smiles*

Korobu: I think I will have some fun here.

Narrator: The three heroes are having trouble with Kitipede. Meanwhile, Korobu has entered the Swamp Underworld. What is he planning?

Chapter 121 END

To be Continued in Chapter 122: What You Do To Centipedes