Chapter 127:

Chapter 127: A Lesson, Punishment, and Crushing Sadness

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 127: A Lesson, Punishment, and Crushing Sadness

Narrator: The heroes find themselves up against Kogen’s forces for declining their Enigmus plan! The odds don’t look good!

Zeth: (Thinking) She’s right. The five of them combined are stronger than the five of us combined. We should find a way to escape, but I feel that won’t be possible. We have to fight!

Zeth: Close your eyes!

*The other heroes close their eyes and then Zeth activates his Star Light Shield and it blinds four of their five opponents. The exception is the silent one who has the long red hair that covers his entire face*

Zeth: Run!

*The heroes run out of the factory. They are met by the silent one who teleported to the outside to meet them*

Zeth: Shit!

*He prepares to release a Star Shine Blast but the silent one teleports to point-blank range and hits Zeth in the face with his palm. The attack is powerful enough to send him flying back into a tree and the force knocks the tree over entirely*

*Behind the other four heroes are the other four enemies*

Udana: Your trick didn’t help.

Gido: You will learn a lesson.

Goro: Punishment will be given.

Gen: And then you will die.

Kurt: We have to separate!

*The heroes separate*

*The silent one goes towards Zeth*

*Before Udana goes after someone, she looks at Zeth*

Udana: Feel the power of an Enigmus as that is what Subject 7 is. We rid them of their names and replace them with numbers in order of their creation. Another aspect of the Enigmus is that they all have a scar that is about one inch wide somewhere on their body. Lift up your shirt for a moment, Subject 7.

*Subject 7 lifts up his shirt and he has a one-inch wide scar that goes down his chest. He then pulls his shirt back down*

Udana: An Enigmus’s scar is a mark of pride.

Zeth: I don’t need your damn scars…

Udana: If you do not agree to become an Enigmus, Subject 7 will take you down.

*Zeth gets up and ends his Star Light Shield*

Zeth: Subject 7? Alright then. I will show just have to show you my power!

*Zeth charges at Subject 7 and tries to punch him multiple times, but S7 simply teleports each time to avoid the attack so Zeth can’t land a hit*

*Zeth gets frustrated and releases multiple Star Shine Blasts at him but S7 teleports away from each one*

*Suddenly, S7 talks*

S7: Go ahead. Try to punch me. This time I won’t teleport.

*Zeth charges at S7*

*As Zeth throws his punch, S7 holds out his palm and the punch makes contact*

*Their collision results in a struggle but eventually S7 wins and his palm pushes Zeth back*

Zeth: How!?

S7: Your raw power is higher than mine but I’m far better at using mine efficiently.

*Zeth is still in shock and S7 takes advantage and uses his palm to hit Zeth in the chin. It does a lot of damage and Zeth opens his eyes wide in both pain and shock*


*Udana has reached Emily. Emily takes out her B3 Tide Shotgun and she prepares to fire*

Udana: Sword. Silver.

*Udana’s sword turns to a shiny silver color**Emily shoots her shotgun. Emily is shocked as she sees the shells stick to the blade of the sword. Udana then sends the shells back and Emily takes a good amount of damage*

Udana: Sword. Red.

*Her sword turns red and she lunges at Emily. Emily guards by holding out her shotgun which takes the slash*

*The shotgun is cut in half and is no longer usable*

*Emily takes out her Shadow Sword and her irises turn dark red*

Udana: A shadow sword? Interesting.

*Emily charges at Udana*

*Emily tries slashing Udana with her Shadow Sword but she can’t land any hits as her speed is lacking compared to Udana. Emily puts the sword away and takes out her Dual Spinning Blades*

*She throws them and Udana smiles*

Udana: Sword. Yellow.

*Her sword turns yellow. The yellow sword has more speed so she quickly hits both blades back at Emily*

*Emily can’t dodge in time and the blades slice through her right leg which cuts it off*

*Emily’s body falls to the ground and she is in severe pain from her right leg being cut off. She screams in agony*

Emily: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Udana: Come. It’s time.


*Joe is fighting with Gido*

Gido: (Charging at Joe) Come on! Don’t you want to get more powerful!?

Joe: I don’t need your damn help to get stronger!

*Joe does an electrified chop but Gido dodges by jumping up*

*Gido is in the air and grabs Joe’s head on the way down and does a backward slam on him. Joe is now on the ground lying on his back*

Gido: You need to learn a lesson not to defy us.

*Gido does a strong punch into Joe’s gut*

Joe: Gahh!!!

*Joe coughs up blood*

Gido: Your insides might be messed up. Maybe I can help you.

*Gido does a super creepy smile and pulls out a knife*

*Joe has an extreme level of fear and he starts shivering upon seeing Gido’s creepy smile and the knife*


*Kurt is fighting Goro*

Goro: I like to call my magic Bulldoze Magic because it gives me the ability to resist flinching and destroy my target.

*He activates it and his body now has a somewhat brown tint*

Kurt: I need to take him out in one attack! I need to use a massive amount of magic!

*Kurt charges his magic*

*Goro charges at Kurt*

Kurt: Aura Beam Force!

*Kurt releases a large beam made from his aura and it directly hits Goro. While it does damage Goro, Goro’s magic does its job and he does not flinch*

*Goro does a strong punch and hits Kurt hard in the left arm and the hit breaks his bones. Kurt screams in pain*

Kurt: Aaaahhhh!!!!


*Sasha is fighting Gen*

Gen: You’re quite the interesting one.

*Sasha tries to hit him with her Dark Spears but he destroys them easily just by chopping them with his arm. Sasha attempts a Shade Punch but Gen easily dodges*

*Gen then kicks her hard and she is knocked way back and lands in a river and starts drifting downstream*

*Gen does not pursue her and he just stays right where he is. He then smirks*

Gen: Not just yet… dark princess. Walk away from this situation alive while your friends are taken from you forever.


*Zeth was also sent flying back and lands in the river too. But he is unconscious*

*Sasha sees him and then grabs onto him and they flow downstream*

Sasha: Zeth! No! Damn it! *sniff* Emily, Kurt, and Joe. We can’t save them!

*Sasha cries as the two of them continue to flow downstream*

Narrator: The heroes have suffered a crushing defeat and Emily, Kurt, and Joe are left behind. What will happen to them?

Chapter 127 END

To be Continued in Chapter 128: Rock Bottom