Chapter 128:

Chapter 128: Rock Bottom

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 128: Rock Bottom

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have drifted downstream for an hour.

*Sasha decides at this point to get out and she pulls out Zeth too*


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Zeth and Sasha are sitting by a tree and Zeth had regained consciousness. Zeth has an almost depressed look*

Zeth: We have hit rock bottom, haven’t we?

Sasha: I wish I could say differently.

Zeth: I failed them.

*Sasha looks at him*

Zeth: I failed Kurt, Emily, and Joe.

Sasha: We did our best.

Zeth: No. My mother, the Light Goddess, is in charge of protecting all humans on this planet. And here I am, her son, can’t even protect three humans. I don’t deserve to call myself the future protector of humanity.

Sasha: Don’t blame yourself. One day you will have your divine powers back and will wear that title like a badge of honor. And when my true power is unlocked, I will be with you every step of the way.

*Zeth smiles*

Zeth: You’re right. Losing faith will get us nowhere.

*Soon after, Zaydra appears with an angel also with her. The angel is a male that is 8 feet tall. He has black hair that looks gelled and he is wearing orange armor and has white angel wings*

Narrator: Zaydra’s Personal Guard – Kren.

Zaydra: Zeth!

Zeth: Zaydra?

Zaydra: You’re hurt!

Zeth: What happened to the task force you were working with? And you don’t need to worry about me. It’s Kurt, Emily, and Joe that need to be worried about.

Zaydra: Mother alerted me to the emergency situation you were in and so I had to come to help you right away. I brought Kren with me.

*Kren bows*

Kren: Please forgive us, my prince, for taking too long.

Zaydra: You said we needed to worry about Kurt, Emily, and Joe. What happened to them?

Zeth: I couldn’t see what happened as I was getting my ass beat, but they were either captured or killed. I don’t know which.

*Zaydra looks sad*

Zeth: Take us back to my step-parents’ house. We decided in the event of separation, we would meet there.


Narrator: One day later.

*The heroes are at Miranda’s and Jack’s house as planned. Keith and RAG are there too*

Keith: What happened to the others? Why are they not with you?

Zeth: We fought against that woman and her henchmen that showed up. We were completely outclassed. As I told Zaydra, the others have either been captured or killed…

*Zeth looks frustrated*

Zeth: Zaydra, you must take us to an altar. We need more powers and abilities.

Zaydra: Zeth, what exactly are we dealing with here?

*Zeth is silent at first but then he has a very serious expression on his face*

Zeth: The Enigmuses have risen.

*Zaydra has a shocked face*

Zaydra: Enigmuses!? Enigmuses created by humans!?

Zeth: Yes, and they will have a whole army of them.


Narrator: In Flagron Town.

*Goma continues to sit in his A-Rank club. His eyes turn serious*

Goma: It seems I have some guests outside.

*Goma walks down the stairs to the first floor and he then opens the door and goes outside*

Goma: So they hide?

*Suddenly, two men appear, one is an old man that is 5 feet tall. On his shoulder is “S74”. The other is a 6-foot-tall teenager with blonde hair that has “S128” on his shoulder. Both of them have juicy blue shading on the edges of their eyes*

Goma: Neither of you are normal people, are you? You will need to be put down.

Narrator: The heroes have hit rock bottom and Kogen’s Enigmus army continues to grow.

Chapter 128 END

To be Continued in Chapter 129: The Third Altar