Chapter 129:

Chapter 129: The Third Altar

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 129: The Third Altar

Narrator: In a fortress.

Kogen: You let two of them get away!?

*Udana kneels*

Udana: Please forgive us.

Kogen: What happened?

*Gen steps forward, smiling*

Gen: I can’t speak for the others but the one I was fighting was sent flying back from my attack and was not seen again. It’s possible she went downstream in the river but who knows for sure.

Kogen: You mentioned that at least one of them is a divine being. Zeth. What is his connection?

Udana: Unknown at this point but Zeth has black hair. I don’t think he could be in relation to the Light Goddess.

Kogen: That means nothing. Look at that painting over there.

*They all look towards the wall. They look at the painting that shows a low detailed child with blonde hair and green eyes. Standing over the child is a giant undetailed red monster. The background is all fiery. There is text on the frame that says “Harmona’s Second Son”*

Udana: And what about it? Zeth has black hair.

Kogen: Don’t forget this fortress was once a place used by worshippers of the Light Goddess. There are various books here that have described events. Something happened to him that caused him to lose his divine powers and his hair turned black. Zeth. He is likely the Light Goddess’s second son. We can’t allow the Light Goddess to know about what we are doing. We must execute Zeth.

Udana: I understand.

*Gen starts walking away. Gen smiles as he walks away from everyone else*

Gen: (Thinking) I let the one I was fighting get away intentionally. I look forward to seeing you again, daughter of the Dark Goddess.


Narrator: At the entrance to an underground cave in the northern part of Harmone. Zeth, Sasha, Keith, RAG, and Zaydra are all at the entrance. Kren did not join them as he returned to the task force.

Zaydra: This is the closest altar to where we were before.

Keith: In a cave?

RAG: What’s wrong with that?

Keith: Just a divine altar in an underground cave.

Zaydra: In the time of the Great Chaos, we needed to hide the altars from the Dark Goddess’s attention. While this is the closest altar, it’s not the easiest to get to. This cave is ruled by lost spirits now.

Zeth: Lost spirits?

Zaydra: Yes. They are spirits of the dead that were rejected by both Heaven and Hell.

Zeth: How is that possible?

Zaydra: It is very rare. It is where someone isn’t good enough for Heaven but not bad enough for Hell. On average across the entire world, there is only one new lost spirit per 15 years.

Zeth: So why are they here?

Zaydra: Spirits can only last where there are divine energies. Anywhere else and they will dissolve into nothingness over time. They are stuck here.

RAG: That’s horrible.

Zaydra: We are trying to find a way to solve this problem but nobody can seem to agree on a solution. I pity these spirits. Unfortunately, they have gone mad and become hostile to living things. Regardless, we’re going in.

*They go into the cave and it all seems quiet at first*

*As they walk through the cave, silhouettes of beings are watching them*

*They enter the big room with the altar*

Keith: We have yet to see any spirits.

Sasha: Shut it. You’ll jinx us.

*They hear a moaning sound*

*The heroes are on alert. More than ten lost spirits come out and start running towards the heroes*

Sasha: See, I told you! You jinxed us!

Keith: Did not! They were always here!

*Keith attempts a punch but it just goes right through the spirit. He is shocked*

*The spirit grabs onto Keith and he can’t shake it off. Zaydra releases a Star Shine Blast which knocks off the spirit*

Zaydra: They are only affected by energy-based attacks. Use those!

Narrator: The heroes have reached the third altar but need to deal with the lost spirits before they can use it.

Chapter 129 END

To be Continued in Chapter 130: Crying Spirits