Chapter 136:

Chapter 136: Fighting For A Friend

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 136: Fighting For A Friend

Narrator: Back with Zeth in his fight against Kurt.

*Zeth slowly stands up*

Kurt: You’re a dead man walking at this point. Might as well surrender.

Zeth: No! I’m fighting for a friend here!

*Kurt is not amused*

Kurt: Look how injured you are. You can’t put up a fight in the shape you are in right now. Give up and let us follow Master Kogen together!

*Zeth looks determined despite his injuries*

Zeth: These wounds are nothing… Nothing compared to what you have been through. We’ve been friends for a year now so maybe you just didn’t realize it but… I will save you or die trying!!

*Zeth quickly charges at Kurt. Zeth’s speed surprises Kurt and he is not ready to defend. Zeth punches him in the face and then kicks him*

Kurt: So you really do have some stamina left to keep going! I’ll still prevail!

Zeth: I’m not leaving here without you!!

*They both then throw a punch which collides with each other and ends in a draw*

Kurt: I didn’t overpower him!?

Zeth: I may not have the power efficiency of an Enigmus or whatever but I have a hell of a lot of adrenaline!!

*Zeth thrusts his knee into Kurt’s chin which does a lot of damage*

*Zeth then forms and throws two Star Shards which hit Kurt’s shoulders and pin him against the wall. Zeth charges at him*

Zeth: I’m going to try knocking some sense into you again!!

*Kurt creates an Aura Image that comes off his body and punches Zeth hard in the face as he gets near. Zeth is sent flying back. The Aura Image returns to Kurt’s body*

*Kurt uses his aura to push off against the wall and launch himself towards Zeth. With a lot of forward momentum, Kurt jumps at an arch and then uses a Flame Aura Punch on Zeth on the way down which pounds Zeth into the ground*

*The attack further tears into Zeth’s body, leaving Zeth’s chest area very bloody*

*However, Zeth counters by using a double Star Shine Blast. Kurt is unable to dodge both and one blows up on contact upon hitting him*

*Zeth gets up and lands a punch on Kurt but then Kurt does the same to Zeth. They then continuously exchange punches*

*They then both back off for a minute*

Kurt: *huff huff* I like this challenge. Taking you down will feel rewarding.

Zeth: *huff huff* More power, is that it? You’ve hidden yourself because you felt you weren’t powerful?

*Kurt is angry now*

Kurt: You know nothing!

*The aura on Kurt’s arm starts to look sharper*

Kurt: I now have more ways I can change my aura’s properties! I will cut you into pieces!

*Kurt charges at Zeth and Zeth prepares to defend himself*

*Kurt does an uppercut punch which Zeth barely dodges but he takes damage from the sharp aura which leaves a new vertical cut on his cheek*

Zeth: Sharp aura, huh? Just like Joe’s Razor Hail!

*Zeth does a swipe kick and it knocks Kurt back but Zeth was also cut by the aura on Kurt’s arm again, this time it leaves a horizontal cut on his right leg*

*As Kurt recovers and then charges again, Zeth begins using Star Shine Fists*

*Kurt dodges the Star Shine Fists but then his arm gets wrapped by Zeth’s Chains of the Volcano Demon. Zeth then uses the chains to slam Kurt to the floor*

*Kurt’s aura returns to normal but he is able to break free of the chains*

*Zeth starts charging his arms with magic while Kurt charges at him*

*Kurt does a Flame Aura Punch to Zeth’s face but Zeth withstands the attack and holds his hands together. He then slams his arms down on Kurt’s back*

*The attack hits so hard that not only is he smashed into the floor, he breaks through the floor and smashes into the ground on the first floor. Zeth jumps down to the first floor*

*Kurt slowly stands up*

Zeth: I figured it out. Your “sharp” aura requires a lot of magic consumption to keep it that way. You had to end it.

Kurt: You may have figured that out but I have more new abilities up my sleeve.

Zeth: Your mind is lying to you, believing that this power will evolve you into your ultimate potential. To end this brainwashing, you will need to feel lots of fear. So let me do that. Raging Star Mode!

*Zeth’s body turns to a dark red tint and a dark red aura forms around him too. Like always, the raging star aura attacks everything around it*

Zeth: This won’t be a pleasant experience for you.

Narrator: Zeth has concluded he will need to fill Kurt with fear to end his brainwashing. Will he succeed?

Chapter 136 END

To be Continued in Chapter 137: Fear the Raging Star