Chapter 142:

Chapter 142: The Start of a Bloody Battle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 142: The Start of a Bloody Battle

Narrator: After a few days, the heroes are now within a mile of Kogen’s base of operations.

Kurt: It’s up this high hill. When it was built, the Light Goddess worshipers wanted to be closer to heaven and believed putting their place of worship on a high hill would make them closer to Heaven.

Zeth: Sounds like a bad place for an evil guy to be though.

Kurt: Not necessarily.

*They begin going up the grassy hill. The hill also has some big trees on it that hide the view of the fortress from a far distance*

*As they reach the top of the hill, they see the fortress. The outside of it is made of gray bricks. There are two turret cannons on the front*

*The turrets see the heroes and start to charge their beams*

Zeth: Take cover!!

*They run down the hill a bit as turrets shoot their beams. The beams hit the ground and create explosions that are about one meter in diameter*

RAG: We have to split up!

*The five of them split up to two different sides*

*As they split up, they see just how expansive the fortress is. It is clear Kogen had added on to it after he started using it*

*Zeth jumps towards a turret before it sees him and he uses a magic-powered punch on the turret but it is protected by a magic barrier*

Zeth: A barrier?

*The turret shoots a beam at him but he dodges*

*Sasha comes to assist and throws a Dark Spear and Zeth propels it forward with a Star Shine Blast. The attack pierces the barrier and destroys the turret*

*RAG destroys the barrier of the other turret by releasing a barrage of small energy blasts from his arm*

*Kurt then uses Flame Aura Punch to destroy the turret*

*With the turrets destroyed, they meet at the front entrance*

Zeth: Everyone ready?

Sasha: Yes!

Keith: Let’s do this!

RAG: You bet I am!

Kurt: I couldn’t be more ready!

Zeth: Alright, we’re going in!


Narrator: Meanwhile, in the throne room of the fortress*

Udana: Looks like they found our fortress and destroyed our light defenses.

Goro: We need to crush them!

Kogen: Let’s entertain our guests then. I’m sure Bethro is bored as well.

*Gen leaves the room smiling*

Gen: (Thinking) I’m so glad I will get to see you again, daughter of the Dark Goddess.


Narrator: Back with the heroes.

*In the first room of the fortress, the heroes encounter a line of Enigmuses that are charging magic energy ranged attacks*

Zeth: They were ready for us!

*The Enigmuses release their various ranged magic energy attacks that consist mostly of beams*

*The heroes try to dodge but the beams curve down and destroy the floor*

*Sasha, Keith, and RAG all fall down to the first basement floor*

Zeth: No!!

Kurt: Zeth, they will be fine! It’s just the basement floor! We need to continue up here and besides, this will allow us to cover more ground.

Zeth: Yeah… You’re right.

*Zeth then looks at the line of Enigmuses and crosses his arms on his chest*

*He begins to glow gold and charges at them*

Zeth: Saykomera!

*Once he makes a direct hit on them, a golden wave is released and completely destroys the Enigmuses. There is nothing left of them*

Kurt: I haven’t seen that attack before.

Zeth: I have used it before but have had little reason to use it most of the time. It takes up a lot of magic.

*They continue moving and eventually the hall they are traveling through splits into two paths*

Kurt: We need to split up here.

Zeth: Okay.

Kurt: Right or left?

Zeth: I prefer the left so I’m going that way!

Kurt: Alright! I will go right then!

*They split up*


*Zeth ends up in a fairly large room with a good number of paintings*

*As he walks through the room, he notices at the last second that three darts are speeding towards him from above and he then jumps to the side*

*A guy dressed in a black ninja uniform drops from the ceiling. It is the same ninja that Sasha annihilated back in the mansion but Zeth never met him so he does not recognize him. The ninja has a juicy blue color on the edges of his eyes so he is now an Enigmus under Kogen’s control*

*Gido also walks into the room*

Gido: Hehehe. Hello Zeth, son of the Light Goddess. I would love to add you, a divine being, to our Enigmus army. Hehehe.

Zeth: You bastard. You will pay for what you all have done!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Kurt.

*Kurt ends up in a long hallway with three big windows to his left*

Kurt: Come out Emily. I know you are there.

*Emily enters through the other end of the hallway*

Emily: Tisk, tisk. Since you know this place, you ruined my surprise. Of course, you are a traitor.

Kurt: Emily… Zeth freed me from the darkness and now in turn I will free you!!

Narrator: Both Zeth and Kurt have encountered their first opponents in this battle. How will they play out?

Chapter 142 END

To be Continued in Chapter 143: Kurt vs Emily. The Life of the Second Friend at Stake!