Chapter 143:

Chapter 143: Kurt vs Emily. The Life of the Second Friend at Stake!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 143: Kurt vs Emily. The Life of the Second Friend at Stake!

Narrator: Kurt must save Emily from her brainwashing!

Emily: Free me, you say? This power is glorious! Why would I want to be “freed” from it?

Kurt: While under Kogen’s control, everything you say is just BS.

*Emily takes out a tiny bow and a tiny quiver of arrows. She then uses magic to make them go to normal size*

Emily: With this ability, I can carry a ton of more weapons with me.

*She readies an arrow and fires*

*Kurt dodges to the right but the arrow hits a wall and bounces back towards his direction. It grazes his shoulder and leaves a small cut*

*Kurt holds on to his shoulder and Emily grabs the arrow*

Emily: Like it? Using my improved magic, I can give my weapons other properties.

*Kurt throws two basketball-sized aura spheres near Emily*

*Kurt then starts running towards Emily as aura hands come out of the spheres and grab Emily’s arms. Kurt then begins using rapid Flame Aura Punches and rapidly punches Emily in the face*

Kurt: I will free you!!

*Emily thrusts her knee upwards and hits Kurt in the chin. The efficiency of the attack does a lot of damage*

*Emily breaks free and does a variety of punches and kicks to Kurt. Kurt blocks some of them but is hit by others*

*Emily pushes Kurt back by kicking him and she then pulls out a sledgehammer which grows to normal size after she pulls it out. Kurt responds by slamming his hands on the floor which starts spreading his aura all over the floor*

Kurt: I’ll be ready for anything you try!

Emily: Oh really?

*Emily starts running towards Kurt*

*A bunch of aura hands try to stop her as Kurt charges his magic*

*Emily swings her sledgehammer at the aura hands*

*After a five-second struggle, Emily’s sledgehammer wins the struggle and breaks through and destroys the aura on the floor as well as creating a small crater in the floor*

*Kurt has charged up his magic*

*Kurt releases a massive aura whip and Emily slams her magic-channeled sledgehammer against the massive aura whip to block it. The aura whip starts to push her back*

Kurt: That’s not all I got!

*Kurt uses one of his hands and uses a flame aura punch in his massive aura whip. The energy of the punch travels through the massive aura whip and Emily is shocked as she sees it come to her and it hits her in the face*

*She is then pounded by the massive aura whip*

*After knocking Emily back, the aura whip continues on and destroys a wall at the other end of the hallway*

*Emily starts to stand up. She took a lot of damage. She giggles as she gets back on her feet*

Emily: A traitor but stro—

*Emily is interrupted as she isn’t ready for Kurt’s next attack in which he rushes towards her and then punches her hard in the face, knocking her back and onto the floor*

*She giggles again*

Kurt: What’s so funny?

*Emily stands up again*

Emily: I was just impressed with that attack. You are a traitor but you still have the amazing power we received.

Kurt: There is more where that came from.

Emily: Indeed.

*Emily pulls out a shotgun*

Kurt: That’s…!?

Emily: Yes, the X12 Shatter Shotgun. The shotgun I bought a year ago but was not strong enough to use it.

Kurt: Time for something I haven’t shown you.

*Kurt turns the properties of his aura to electricity. Kurt gives a confident smile*

Kurt: This battle is just becoming electric. That’s probably something my good friend would say. You may know him as Joe.

Narrator: Kurt is in an intense battle with Emily and both are bringing out the big guns!

Chapter 143 END

To be Continued in Chapter 144: Shotgun and Electricity