Chapter 147:

Chapter 147: Zeth vs Subject 42

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 147: Zeth vs Subject 42

Narrator: Back with Zeth after he split up from Kurt. He confronts the ninja man that was first faced by Sasha back at the Mansion of Horrors. That man is now an Enigmus and Zeth must take him down. Gido has also arrived in the room.

Gido: Now Subject 42, subdue Zeth so I can put him to sleep.

*S42 begins jumping around the room at a fast speed*

Zeth: He’s fast!

*S42 jumps right in front of Zeth and Zeth attacks with a punch but it turns out that he only punched an afterimage as S42 jumps away and then jumps above Zeth*

*S42 falls down, intending to pierce Zeth with his hand but Zeth notices and moves backward*

*Zeth then blows S42 away with a Star Shine Blast*

Gido: Impressive. I can’t wait to add you to our Enigmus army!

Zeth: Shut up, you damn psycho bastard!

*Zeth runs towards the smoke caused by the blast of his attack but he notices and dodges at the last second as darts come out from the smoke*

Gido: Your reflexes are even at the level of a well-trained Enigmus. You will be the greatest Enigmus there ever was!

Zeth: I said shut up!!

*Zeth starts rushing towards Gido but S42 charges at Zeth so Zeth has to abandon that plan. Zeth and S42 then try to punch each other and their punches collide. They keep doing this and their punches keep ending in draws*

Gido: You have no shot of attacking me without disposing of Subject 42 first. Hehehe!

Zeth: You’re really pissing me off!!

*Zeth ends the draw by using Claws of the Guardian, slashing at S42’s arm which leaves blood wounds on his arm*

*Zeth then head-butts S42’s forehead and follows that up with an uppercut to S42’s chin, knocking him upward. Zeth then immediately jumps in the air to grab S42 and then slams him into the ground*

Zeth: You can’t beat me!

*Zeth looks at Gido*

Zeth: Now to take down you, the freaky scientist!

*Gido smirks*

Gido: That’s what you think.

*S42’s eyes glow yellow for a second and the next thing Zeth knows is that S42 has him pinned against a wall*

Zeth: How the hell…!?

*Gido walks up to Zeth*

Gido: You certainly are much stronger than when Subject 7 made a fool of you but you still have a lot to learn about the Enigmus. They have the ability to activate all of the magic in their body at once towards their best abilities. In this case, Subject 42 increased his speed to the point that in a few milliseconds, he got up and pushed you against a wall.

*Gido readies an anesthetic in a syringe to make Zeth unconscious*

Gido: You look like you need some sleep so let me help you. Hehehe!

*Zeth focuses his magic on his arms and he overpowers S42’s grip and punches both S42 and Gido, knocking them both back. The syringe is also knocked out of Gido’s hand*

*Gido looks angry*

Gido: How dare you! Can’t you see this is progress!? We will make you greater than you could ever hope to be!

Zeth: I’m not about to become a slave just for more power!

*S42 charges at Zeth but then spins around to Zeth’s side and then to his back and pierces him with his hand*

Zeth: Gah! Damn!

*Zeth is bleeding on that spot on his back and S42 kicks him away. S42 then shoots a laser beam out of his fingers into Zeth’s wound as his body is in motion*

Zeth: Gahh!!

*S42 charges at Zeth and kicks him to a wall, causing Zeth’s head to break through the wall. Zeth gets angry*

Zeth: I’m about to crush you!

*Zeth activates Raging Star Mode and part of the wall breaks as a result which allows Zeth to pull his head out*

*Zeth looks at S42 and Gido*

Zeth: I didn’t think I would need this before fighting Kogen but now I’m really pissed off!

Gido: Ah yes, you’re Raging Star Mode. We have data on that mode of yours and it’s nothing an Enigmus can’t handle. Subject 42, get him!

*S42 charges*

Zeth: Raging Star Blast!

*Zeth releases star-shaped energy that has the same effect as his Raging Star aura. It is very large*

Gido: Woah! Subject 42, do something!

*The attack engulfs both S42 and Gido and explodes*

*After the explosion, S42 and Gido are both injured but very much alive*

Gido: *huff huff* Damn you…

Zeth: This is only the beginning.

Narrator: In his anger, Zeth enters Raging Star Mode!

Chapter 147 END

To be Continued in Chapter 148: Raging Star Zothena