Chapter 148:

Chapter 148: Raging Star Zothena

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 148: Raging Star Zothena

Narrator: In his battle against Subject 42 and Gido, Zeth activates Raging Star Mode!

Gido: Subject 42, you have the power to topple it but his Raging Star power is not to be taken lightly. Go all out!

*S42 forms many magic razor-sharp shurikens and they start floating around his body*

*With the shurikens floating around him, S42 runs in circles around Zeth and leaves afterimages*

*Zeth concentrates*

*S42 launches a shuriken. Zeth spots it and punches it down with his magic*

*Annoyed, S42 launches a bunch of shurikens*

*Zeth uses even more power to punch them down*

Gido: Come on, Subject 42! Take him down!

*S42 then get furious and releases all of the remaining razor-sharp shurikens at once*

*Zeth does his best to punch them down but some get in and cut him. His raging star aura destroys them before they can do too much damage*

*S42 gets in close and they exchange punches and each of them lands a punch to the other’s face. S42 starts taking damage from Zeth’s raging star aura but he soon swipe kicks Zeth away*

*Zeth steadies himself*

Zeth: I want to end this quickly. I need to use Raging Star Zothena.

*Zeth has a flashback*

(Flashback) *Zeth is talking to his older sister, Zaydra*

Zaydra: Your third altar power-up gave you the ability to use a new Raging Star technique called Raging Star Zothena.

Zeth: What’s that?

Zaydra: A very useful but also risky and dangerous ability. You know how normally the aura of Raging Star Mode is very outburst and chaotic?

Zeth: Yeah.

Zaydra: Well, this condenses the aura along your skin so that you become the sharpest object on Earth. You can cut through any non-divine substance with ease. However, you risk cutting allies into dust and if you don’t do it right you will cut yourself into dust. The attack was named after our grandmother, the previous Light Goddess, Zothena, as she was the one that created this ability. (End Flashback)

*With the flashback over, Zeth now looks a little nervous*

Zeth: She showed me how to do it, but can I do it right?

*Zeth starts trying to condense his raging star aura*

Gido: Fool! Do you think Subject 42 is just going to sit idly and do nothing by as you prepare for an attack!?

*While Zeth is trying to condense his aura, S42 starts to make a large orb of magic energy that he plans to launch at Zeth*

*Zeth is on the verge of fully condensing his raging star aura, but he messes up a little bit and his aura causes a bad wound on his right arm. This causes him to mess up elsewhere as he coughs up blood and gets more wounds on other parts of his body*

Zeth: No! I will do this!

*He continues trying to condense his raging star aura again while S42’s orb of magic energy continues to grow larger*

*Soon Zeth successfully condenses his aura, though it looks a little sloppy*

Zeth: Not perfect but it will get the job done.

*S42’s energy orb is over 7 feet in diameter now. S42 speaks for the first time in this fight*

S42: You are friends with that black-haired girl who humiliated me back in the mansion.

*Zeth is alerted by the mention of the mansion*

Zeth: Sasha!?

S42: This will be my vengeance!

Zeth: Damn! I can’t hold this condensing for long! I have to go now!

*Zeth charges at S42 and every step he takes causes parts of the floor to be shredded*

S42: Die!!

*S42 launches the orb of energy at Zeth*

Zeth: I won’t dodge! I’m going straight for it!!

*Gido is shocked*

Gido: Won’t dodge!? Are you crazy!? Not even you could withstand Subject 42’s massive energy attack!

*Zeth heads straight for the massive ball of energy*

S42: Hahahahahaha!!!!!

*Zeth throws a strong punch at the orb of energy and after a few seconds, his punch slices through the orb of energy*

*Gido and S42 are shocked*

Gido: No way!!!

S42: Impossible!!!

*A few seconds later, Zeth reaches S42 and throws another punch at him. The punch slices through S42 and he starts to disintegrate into dust*

*S42 says something as he disintegrates*

S42: Thank you… I am free…

*S42 is now dead*

*Zeth’s Raging Star Mode ends and he looks at Gido*

Gido: I can’t believe it!! Grrr! I need to come up with a new plan!

*Gido retreats farther into the fortress*

Zeth: *huff huff* He retreated. It’s alright though. I need to regain my energy before another fight.

*Zeth looks at the dust remains of Subject 42*

Zeth: Even with vengeance on your mind, you were still thankful to be freed from the Enigmus brainwashing. For that, you have my respect.

Narrator: Zeth has killed Subject 42 and freed him from Kogen’s control. What lies ahead for him and what are Sasha, Keith, and RAG going through?

Chapter 148 END

To be Continued in Chapter 149: The Other Factions Arrive