Chapter 149:

Chapter 149: The Other Factions Arrive

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 149: The Other Factions Arrive

Narrator: While the heroes have already started their assault within the fortress, Korobu arrives at the hill leading up to it.

*Korobu stands at the bottom of the hill outside of the fortress and looks at it for a moment*

Korobu: Clever. Using a place of worship for the Light Goddess to make an army of Enigmuses. Yes, very clever.

*Korobu walks up the hill to the fortress on the right side. He looks at the wall and releases a blast of abyss energy at it, destroying the wall*

*Korobu walks in and encounters a bunch of Enigmuses. They notice him and plan to attack*

Korobu: I’m sorry but I can’t kill you all. Instead, you will be joining the Dark Goddess’s demon army.

*The Enigmuses charge at Korobu*

*Korobu smiles and releases a flat dark wave from his body. As it hits the Enigmuses, they just fall to their knees*

Korobu: So it is true. You all have had demon hearts implanted into you. Whoever did this must have vast knowledge of the Dark Goddess. What a fool to think that he or she could control Enigmuses over us. Listen up, you will follow me now. Call me Lord Korobu.

Enigmuses: Yes, Lord Korobu.


Narrator: Meanwhile, on the left side of the fortress.

*Crimson and the strange boy reach the top of the hill*

Crimson: So I can find Zeth here?

Boy: That is correct. You will with absolute certainty find Zeth in this fortress.

Crimson: Good. I’m going to blow a hole in this wall.

*Crimson uses his Destruction Magic to blow up part of the wall and they go inside*

Crimson: Where to now?

Boy: I know he is in this fortress but I do not know exactly where. We can split up.

Crimson: Fine. I swear if you’re wrong about him being here, I will kill you where you stand.

*The boy chuckles*

Boy: I can promise that you are not as strong as I am. Not that it will matter because Zeth is definitely here.

*Crimson and the boy split up and go separate ways*


Narrator: Back at the hill on the right side.

*Goma goes up the hill towards the fortress*

Goma: (Thinking) I didn’t have any leads on where to find Kogen. I had contacted my friend RAG and told him I was investigating an old friend named Kogen. And to my shock, he knew where to find him. What is his connection to Kogen? How does he know where to find him? There seem to be a lot of things I don’t understand and it’s frustrating me.

*Goma reaches the top of the hill and finds part of the wall destroyed*

Goma: Was there already some fight here?

*He goes in through the destroyed part of the wall*


Narrator: Meanwhile, in the throne room of the fortress.

*Udana meets with Kogen*

Udana: We have reports of new intruders entering this fortress.

Kogen: Who are they?

Udana: Our team operating the surveillance cameras tells me that many were shut down after an individual released a wave of black energy.

Kogen: A black wave of energy? Get those cameras back into working condition! I need to know more information!

Udana: Understood.

*She leaves the room*

Kogen: (Thinking) If it’s Korobu… No, it couldn’t be, could it? It has to be someone associated with Zeth.


Narrator: Back with Kurt and Emily.

*Kurt and Emily are continuing through the fortress and find themselves in a room with a swimming pool*

Emily: Joe usually hangs out in this room.

*Joe comes out from behind a pillar at the end of the room. He has a juicy blue shading on the edges of his eyes*

Joe: Welcome traitors.

*Kurt facepalms*

Kurt: I already went over this with Emily. You’re brainwashed and everything you will say is BS.

Joe: If you say that, we might as well cut to the chase and fight.

Emily: I can already tell you that your power is false.

Narrator: Emily and Kurt will now start their battle to free Joe from Kogen’s control.

Chapter 149 END

To be Continued in Chapter 150: Kurt and Emily vs Joe. The Life of the Third Friend at Stake!