Chapter 150:

Chapter 150: Kurt and Emily vs Joe. The Life of the Third Friend at Stake!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 150: Kurt and Emily vs Joe. The Life of the Third Friend at Stake!

Narrator: Emily and Kurt face off against their final brainwashed friend! Joe is ready to bury them beneath the elements!

Joe: I will destroy both of you!

*Joe releases storm clouds up to the ceiling of the room and uses the water in the swimming pool to increase the power of his storms*

Kurt: It’s like how warm moist air from the ocean powers tropical storms. He’s using this pool like a mini version of that!

*Kurt activates his electric aura. He looks at Emily and she nods*

*Emily pulls out her bow and arrows and combines Kurt’s electric aura with her channeling magic*

Joe: Die traitors!

*Joe uses his new powers to release a barrage of lighting at them*

Kurt: Aura Field!

*Kurt creates an electric aura field that encompasses both himself and Emily. The field releases aura whips to attack the lightning bolts and they end up canceling each other out*

*Kurt ends his Aura Field and then gets in close towards Joe while Emily readies an arrow with some of Kurt’s electric aura covering the tip*

*Kurt starts punching Joe but he blocks the punches*

*Emily launches her electric arrow at Joe*

*Joe dodges the arrow but Kurt uses his electric aura to attract the arrow and then grabs it*

*Kurt then thrusts the arrow into Joe’s gut*

Kurt: That’s where your demon heart is, right!? That’s going to hurt real bad!

Joe: Errggerrr!

*Joe ends up falling back into the swimming pool*

*Kurt jumps in after him*

*Joe starts using the power of gusty winds to give himself enough force to easily move through the water and then he lands a strong punch on Kurt*

*Outside of the pool, Emily puts on green channeling gloves*

*Inside the pool, Kurt releases an aura field that starts to push out most of the water*

*Kurt changes his aura to flame and does a Flame Aura Uppercut to Joe which knocks him out of the pool. Joe is then grabbed by an aura hand that was made from the field*

*With Joe immobilized, Emily wallops Joe using a fury of punches from her channeling gloves. The punches cause energy to just simply fly off from the punches with how strong they are*

*Soon, a cloud appears above Emily and razor hail falls from them which she dodges*

*Joe creates a gust of wind to blow him out of the aura hand’s grasp and then he lands back on the ground*

*Joe distances himself from Kurt and Emily*

Joe: You both know I have new abilities—

Kurt: And we won’t give you the chance to use them! We will finish this fast!

*Both Kurt and Emily sprint towards Joe*

*Joe is powering up his magic but Kurt jumps over him and then kicks him from behind which sends Joe towards Emily*

Kurt: Emily!

*Emily punches Joe hard in the face and then thrusts her knee into his gut. She then kicks him back towards Kurt*

Emily: Kurt!

*As Joe is heading towards Kurt, he powers his fists with a literal storm, his fists have clouds, rain and lightning surrounding them*

Joe: Storm Punch!

*Kurt dodges Joe’s Storm Punch*

Kurt: Max Flame Aura Punch!!!

*Kurt lands a super strong punch on Joe, knocking him back in a near unconscious state*

*Kurt and Emily walk up to Joe*

Joe: But… This power was going to take me to new heights…

Emily: And it can, but your heart is not in it.

Kurt: Shed the puppet you have become.

Joe: The puppet…?

*The next thing Joe knows, he is in his own mind and appears on a beach on the shore of the ocean*

Joe: Is this home?

Narrator: Joe will now go through the process to break free of Kogen’s control. What will he go through?

Chapter 150 END

To be Continued in Chapter 151: A Deadly Storm