Chapter 151:

Chapter 151: A Deadly Storm

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 151: A Deadly Storm

Narrator: Joe must now purge the brainwashing from within his own mind!

*As Joe stares out towards the ocean, the clouds in the sky begin to turn an ominous-looking gray. The waves start to become more violent*

Joe: It’s starting to look bad.

*He leaves the beach and as he gets close to his home, the winds start to pick up and it starts raining. Joe goes inside his home*

Joe: Hello! Anyone home?

Mother: We’re all in here.

*Joe enters the living room. His mom (who has long amber-colored hair), dad (who has short brown hair and has a beard), older brother (who has short amber hair as well as a little bit of facial hair), and little sister (who has middle back length brown hair) are all there*

Joe: The weather is starting to look bad outside.

Mother: It is, isn’t it?

Father: Ah, it’s just a little rain.

*A gust of wind blows against the house and the lights begin to flicker*

Brother: Clearly, it’s more than that.

*Soon the power goes out*

Sister: Oh no!

Father: It’s still no big deal.

*A bigger gust of wind blows against the house*

Brother: Are you sure about that!?

Joe: This isn’t an ordinary storm!

Mother: What should we do!?

*Then the winds become so strong they blow off the roof of the house*

Brother: This can’t be happening!!

Joe: Take cover somewhere!!

*Before they can go anywhere, the winds pick up everyone but Joe*

Mother: Help!!

Sister: Save me!!

Brother: No way!!

Father: This can’t be!!

Joe: I need to use my magic to combat the storm!

*Joe runs out of the nearly destroyed house towards the beach*

*Houses are destroyed all around his house as well. The people that live in those houses are also being picked up*

Joe: How do I stop this!? Freeze the air and ocean and remove the tropical moisture that strengthens the storm? It’s worth a try.

*Before Joe can do anything, he is hit by a fist made out of wind*

*The hit knocks him off his feet*

Joe: What was that!?

???: Hmhmhm! Accept me!

*From the sky, riding on the winds is an evil Joe*

Joe: You’re me!!?

Evil Joe: I am the side of you that desires power. Throw all of this away and accept that you are an Enigmus.

Joe: No! Give me my family back!

Evil Joe: That won’t be necessary. Accept me and be able to win a fight against anybody!

*Joe grabs his own head*

Joe: No! I won’t! I may be an Enigmus but I won’t lose sight of who I am!!!

*Using the wind, Joe launches himself in the air towards Evil Joe*

*Joe attacks the evil Joe with a fury of weather element punches and kicks*

*Joe finishes him by slamming his arms onto the evil Joe’s back*

*This sends the evil Joe flying down into the ocean*

*Joe’s mind finally returns to reality and the juicy blue color on the edges of his eyes disappears*

Emily: Ah, so you are finally back with us?

*Joe puts his hand on his forehead*

Joe: Yeah…

Kurt: So are you ready to go?

Joe: I need to get payback on that bastard scientist. I won’t lose to him again.

Kurt: Okay then. Let’s continue. Hopefully, we will also find my father without much trouble.

Narrator: Joe has been freed from Kogen’s brainwashing. The three heroes that were captured are all now free. But what is going on with the other heroes not seen since chapter 142?

Chapter 151 END

To be Continued in Chapter 152: Keith vs Subject 7