Chapter 10:

Bonus chapter: Cuddle scene that I added to the v2 of the og manuscript

BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

This is my apology for the previous chapter being as dark as it is...who wouldn't need something fluffy to read, right?

*After they(Koba and I) ascend to Akihabara. It's sort of an insertion that encompasses "Akihabara" and part of "Tohru."*

We fly through the clouds in silence. I shiver. "You get used to it."

We break through the clouds and I gasp. I see girls, regular, anime-style, and ghostly. She sets me down. I shade my eyes. "It'!"

At the sound of my voice, everyone looks at me. The silence is loud. My face burns and I look at the ground. Oops...

They gasp, they stare, they whisper. I see several of my waifus staring at me as well. Koba breaks the silence. "Like I said, hundreds of years..."

She walks me toward "New Arrivals." Face burning from the heat of the stares, I glance around, studiously avoiding eye contact. I try to start a conversation with Koba. "I like the Japanese architecture..."

When we get to the entrance, I freeze. A flicker of golden orange and white catches my attention, and I see why there's Japanese architecture my idol. I see the Senko-san. "I-is th-th-that...h-her?"


"She's...beautiful...if I didn't know any better, I would totally touch her fabled tail."

Since she was staring at me, and you could hear a pin drop on the clouds, she heard me and blushed. "L-let's go before I can't stop myself..."

A deafening silence follows. She turns red and looks away.


For those who don't remember/didn't read her entry in the prologue or if I wasn't clear, her tail is erogenous. It is sexually sensitive.


Her ears fold down, showing her embarrassment. Realizing the gravity of what I just said, and what was said before, I turn red and bury my face in my hands. Wh-why did I just say that!? I basically just made a neon sign saying "pervert!"

In a small voice, meant for Koba, I say, "C-correction...L-let's go before I embarrass someone else or further embarrass myself..."

Tears leak from my eyes. Koba puts her hand on my back and guides me inside. Once inside, I lean against the wall, bury my face, and hug my knees. I let the tears flow free. Koba calmly sits next to me and wraps me in her arms. In a small voice, I say "Wh-wh-why...? Why Senko, of all people..."

My resolve starts crumbling. It starts with a sniffle, then turns to small, "hiccupping" sobs. I pour my heart out to Koba. "I-I've dreamed o-of m-meeting her m-my wh-whole life...And then I had to go and open my big, stupid mouth! I embarrassed her, and me, in front of everyone! No, not even embarrassed...humiliated! I-i'm n-never going to be able to look her in the eye. Sh-she w-was my first waifu...She's the reason I started watching anime in the first place! One look at her, and I melted. I ruined everything and life, and I still do in death."

I break. "G-GOD D-DAMN IT!"

I lean into Koba, uncurling. She hugs me close while my tears soak her shirt, exposing her lacy, pink bra through her white button-up. I completely fall to pieces. I devolve into heart-wrenching sobs that are (mostly) muffled by what little cleavage she has. She rubs my back. I was lost in my sadness. It all caught up to me. The fact that I was dead, the fact I embarrassed one of my favorite people. 

I didn't know that Senko had started to follow us in, to see if I was okay, then froze when she heard my voice. That she'd heard everything. That my story had made her cry. I didn't hear her walk in, sit down on the other side of me, and ask Koba to give me to her. I just knew that I was suddenly shited to lean the other direction, and my sobs were full volume.

She smelled of nature, like forests and flower blossoms. She smelled...comforting. I wrapped my arms around her and quieted down. We sat there in silence, broken by my occasional sobs. I felt something big and fluffy wrap around me, across my back and side. I stopped sobbing and melted into her. I opened my tear-filled eyes. In a small, wavering voice, full of pain, I said "S-s-senko...s-s-sama...?"

In a small, gentle voice, close to a whisper, she said, "I'm here..."

It was like the spirit of nature was speaking to me. Tears start flowing again. I'm soaking her kimono, but she doesn't seem to mind. "Wh-why...? A-after I, a complete stranger, p-publicly h-humiliated you...why w-would you care what happens to me? I-I d-don't d-d-deserve y-your care...I'm not worthy or deserving of your embrace..."

Her response remained gentle. "I followed see if you were okay..."

She rests the end of her tail against my cheek. She continues, rubbing my back. "I stopped when I heard your voice...I heard everything...D-do you r-really think that highly of me? Love me that much? I m-matter that much to you...?"

Still in shock, I just nod. My sadness melts away. Softly, she says, "Y-you can f-fluff m-my t-tail...if you want to..."

I almost start sobbing. My heart skips a beat. "R-really...?"

" may."

She lays her tail in my lap. I tentatively reach out my hand. She tenses in preparation for her impending violation. I rest my hand gently on the thickest part of her tail. She relaxes. "You know...your voice is possibly the single most musical, soothing sound I've ever heard...It's different from the cute one I'm used to hearing..."

Instead of going crazy like Nakano does, I slowly slide my hand toward the end of her tail, stopping just before the white, sensitive end. So I don't go against the grain of her fur, I lift my hand up, return to start, and repeat. She melts a little, moaning softly. Not like I'm pleasuring her, but like all of her stress is melting away, more like a massage. "Th-this...i-is...nice..."

She leans into me. "If I had to pick one anime character to be my therapist, you are, hands down, the first candidate by a huge margin."

She blushes, not that I can tell with how flushed she is. "I-if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, come find me...okay?"

I kiss her cheek. She turns red. "I love you, Senko...always have, always will. If you ever need help unwinding, I'm here to fluff your tail. If you need something else, I'll be around...Right, Koba-san?"

"Most likely, yes..."

Senko giggles. "See you as a girl, then?"

My face lights up. Hers does, too. "I promise."

She helps me up. "Are you going to be okay with Koba, or do you need me?"

My face heats. "I-I've b-bothered y-you enough already...I'll be fine. Promise."

She hugs me, then leaves. Koba and I sit there for a minute, then I get up and follow her through a second door into the reception area.