Chapter 156:

Chapter 156: RAG vs Bethro

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 156: RAG vs Bethro

Narrator: Back to right after Keith and Subject 7 teleported from the room that was shaking.

Sasha: Keith! He’s gone!

???: You won’t need to worry about him.

Sasha: Huh?

*The silhouette of a large man enters the room*

RAG: Who are you?

*The large man comes into view. He is 7 feet tall with a large body. He has short brown hair and he has tattoos of purple stars all over his face. He wears silver armor that interestingly has stained glass window art of the Light Goddess on it*

Narrator: Kogen’s Underling – Bethro.

Bethro: I am Bethro and I serve Master Kogen.

*Sasha immediately recognizes the Light Goddess on Bethro’s armor*

Sasha: So you’re not a worshipper of the Light Goddess? Then why are you wearing that armor?

Bethro: I do worship her. Serving Master Kogen will give me the best way to serve her.

Sasha: That’s the stupidest logic I have ever heard.

Bethro: You wouldn’t understand.

*Suddenly, a bunch of stars appear around Sasha and they launch towards her but she dodges by jumping*

RAG: Sasha, you go on ahead. I will take care of this guy.

Sasha: Okay!

*Sasha starts running towards where Bethro came from*

Bethro: You’re not going anywhere!

*Before Bethro can do anything, he is punched hard in the face by RAG and he is knocked over*

RAG: (With a confident smile) I’m your opponent. You can just forget about her. Come on. It’s big man versus big man.

*Bethro stands up and wipes the blood off his face*

Bethro: Very well. You will see the power of my Star Formation magic.

*Bethro holds his arms out wide and moans. Big purple stars start coming out of the floor*

*RAG starts forming magic energy orbs and they flow around his arms. RAG charges at Bethro*

*RAG thrusts his right arm forward and one by one, the energy orbs launch at Bethro like cannonballs, Bethro throws a bunch of purple star energy beams at RAG’s energy orbs*

*Bethro can’t hit them all and is forced to brace himself which leads to him getting hit by the orbs and then punched hard by RAG. Bethro is knocked back and RAG continues to charge*

RAG: I use Run And Gun magic! Continuously moving is part of my fighting style!

*He reaches Bethro and starts doing a fury of punches which Bethro starts blocking with his arms*

*Bethro gets backed up against one of the big purple stars coming out of the floor and the star starts to fuel him with power as a purple aura forms around him*

*Bethro overpowers RAG and lands a strong punch on him*

*RAG is sent flying back into a wall. RAG starts screaming and powers up, increasing his magic usage. RAG starts charging at Bethro again*

*RAG thrusts his arm forward and a ton of smaller energy orbs are fired out like a machine gun. Bethro does a combination of blocking and dodging*

*RAG stops and jumps towards Bethro who is not ready and smashes his knee into Bethro’s face. RAG lands behind Bethro and then he kicks Bethro in the back which knocks Bethro forward*

*RAG continues charging at Bethro. Bethro was lying face forward on the ground but then rolls over and launches a bunch of purple star energy beams at RAG*

*The beams hit RAG hard and stun him. Bethro gets up and continuously punches RAG*

*A star energy beam comes out of the ground from below RAG and knocks him in the air. Bethro jumps up and does a swipe kick to RAG which knocks him back*

Bethro: I’m just getting started. I will vanquish those that stand against the Light Goddess.

*RAG starts laughing*

RAG: Maybe you didn’t notice but my energy barrage destroyed a lot of those purple stars you had coming out of the ground. My Run And Gun will be more effective now. Also, saying you will vanquish those who stand against the Light Goddess while you fight on Kogen’s side is pretty damn funny.

Narrator: It’s a battle of big man vs big man. What will be the result?

Chapter 156 END

To be Continued in Chapter 157: Forceful Stars