Chapter 163:

Chapter 163: State of the Fortress

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 163: State of the Fortress

Narrator: In the throne room of the fortress.

*Kogen is just looking out a window and Udana is looking at him*

Udana: Most of our strongest forces have been defeated. Goro still stands but I have not been able to determine Gen’s status.

*Kogen still stares out the window as he speaks*

Kogen: Then it is time to make your presence known. Before you go, know this. The plan is failing. I didn’t want to believe it but Korobu was here and he rounded up many of our Enigmus forces.

Udana: What!?

Kogen: I saw Korobu flying away on his dragon out of this fortress. This can only mean that the Dark Goddess became aware of my plan. We have to start the project over. We will have to do it somewhere else but first, we will put an end to these meddling fools.

Udana: Is Zeth’s capture still an objective?

Kogen: Yes. Zeth will reach here soon, I bet. I will handle capturing him. You kill the rest.

*Udana starts to walk out of the room but she stops when Kogen speaks again*

Kogen: If you can’t kill them… don’t bother coming back.

*Udana speaks as she leaves*

Udana: Yes, I understand.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Kurt

*Kurt is traveling alone through the fortress. He finds a stairs room where there are stairs going up and stairs going down*

*Kurt hears footsteps coming from the upper stairs and he charges his magic, ready to fight*

Kurt: (Thinking) Someone is coming. I better be ready to fight!

*It turns out that it is Keith (who is still bloody and shirtless) coming down the stairs*

Kurt: Keith!

Keith: Ah, Kurt, my man! I’m glad that I have ran into a friend here!

Kurt: What happened to you?

Keith: I was in a very bloody fight… It was regrettable. I killed Subject 7 and… I could feel his emotional pain.

Kurt: From experience, I’m sure most of the Enigmuses have that.

Keith: Hopefully, he is in a better place now. Anyway, where are you headed?

Kurt: I’m headed towards the lower levels where they keep people who are in line for the Enigmus Project. I need to rescue my father.

Keith: Alright, I will go with you!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily.

*Emily is traveling through the fortress on her own. She reaches a door and there is a sign that says “Interrogation Room”*

Emily: Using a place to worship the light as an interrogation room… disgusting.

*She goes in*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Goma.

*Goma is in a large room and is fighting off a lot of Enigmuses. He does various attacks such as neck-snapping and using his Burst Magic*

*Suddenly, the Enigmuses cease attacking and start backing up. This leaves Goma confused*

Goma: Why are they stopping?

*Gen appears in the room*

Gen: Because I’m making them stop. Hmhmhm.

*Gen smiles*

Gen: After all, they may be Enigmuses but they need to be trained before they can fight Goma, the most powerful human in Harmone.

*This alerts Goma*

Goma: Who are you!? How do you know me!? I have certainly never seen you before!

*Gen snaps his fingers and a large demonic black ring forms around all of the Enigmuses*

Gen: I am a demon and a follower of the Dark Goddess. I need to know about potential enemies and you are one.

*A hole opens and the Enigmuses sink down into the darkness*

*Goma charges angrily at Gen but Gen simply leaves through a wall of darkness that appears*

Goma: Damn it!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Joe.

*Joe is still in Gido’s lab after killing Gido. The door to the lab opens and Goro enters. He sees Gido’s dead body*

Goro: Noooooo!!! You will pay for what you have done!

*Joe prepares to fight*

Joe: No. All of YOU will pay for what you have done!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth.

*Zeth enters a dining room with a large table in the middle. At the other side of the room, Crimson enters at the same time*

*They both have a look of surprise but then Crimson turns confident*

Crimson: Yes! I have found you!

*Crimson starts laughing with a maniacal look on his face*

Crimson: Hahahaha!

*Zeth readies his fist and he has a serious look on his face*

Zeth: You are way too cocky. This will be my victory.

Narrator: Zeth and Crimson have run into each other again. What will be the outcome of this fight?

Chapter 163 END

To be Continued in Chapter 164: Zeth vs Crimson Round 3