Chapter 164:

Chapter 164: Zeth vs Crimson Round 3

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 164: Zeth vs Crimson Round 3

Narrator: Zeth and Crimson are about to fight for the third time!

*Crimson looks up, smiling*

Crimson: I will consume you and nobody will be here to help you this time.

*Crimson didn’t notice that Zeth had used his Chains of the Volcano Demon and the chains wrap around Crimson’s arm. Zeth pulls on the chain*

*Zeth’s pulling pulls Crimson off his feet and flying towards Zeth. Zeth punches Crimson hard in in the face*

*The chains let go of Crimson as he flies back. As Crimson recovers himself, Zeth has already rushed towards him and then thrusts his knee into Crimson’s gut. The hard hit causes Crimson to cough up blood*

Crimson: What!? Your attacks actually hurt me now!?

*Zeth says nothing and follows his attack up by grabbing Crimson’s face and slams his head into the table. The table does not break*

*Crimson leans up and doesn’t see Zeth*

Crimson: Where did you go!?

*Zeth is standing on the table behind Crimson and releases a small Star Shine Blast that hits Crimson’s back and blows him forward and face down on the floor*

*Crimson is now angry and he rolls over and marks where Zeth is standing on the table. Zeth jumps off the table as that part of it explodes*

*Zeth lands on the ground as Crimson stands up*

Crimson: *huff huff* How am I being dominated so easily?

Zeth: Because you are no stronger than when we first fought.

*Crimson opens his eyes wide*

Zeth: Meanwhile, I have been getting stronger.

Crimson: That’s not true! I just dominated you half a year ago! You only beat me because of Blood Magic!

*Zeth rushes towards Crimson and throws a punch. Crimson blocks the first one but can’t handle the second one as Zeth punches Crimson in the torso, knocking him back*

Zeth: A lot can happen in half a year.

*Zeth creates two Star Shards*

Zeth: I’m sure you remember these. You caught one easily with your hand. That shamed me. I’m now determined to correct that.

*Zeth readies his hand to throw the Star Shards*

Zeth: Here, catch!

*Zeth tosses a star shard. Crimson’s desire not to look weak makes him decide to catch it, Crimson catches it but it pushes him back and the shard starts tearing out his hand, causing him to scream in pain*

*Zeth rushes towards Crimson and Crimson drops the shard he caught. Zeth dissipates the other shard rather than throwing it*

*Crimson does some punches but Zeth blocks them*

*Zeth then starts rapidly punching Crimson with great success. Zeth finishes the attack by punching Crimson into the floor*

*Crimson marks the floor around him and causes an explosion but Zeth jumps back. Crimson takes advantage of the smoke and rushes towards Zeth. He lands a hard punch which knocks Zeth back*

Zeth: Your punch had force but it certainly wasn’t that strong.

*Zeth rushes towards Crimson and he dodges the explosions that Crimson creates*

*Zeth dodges a punch from Crimson and then he grabs Crimson and head-butts him multiple times. Zeth ends the string of attacks by punching Crimson into a wall*

*As Zeth stares at Crimson who is now lying against the wall, his body starts to hunger for Crimson’s consumption to become one person again. Zeth starts making grunting noises and starts walking towards Crimson*

*For the first time in his life, Crimson is feeling fear*

Crimson: No…

*Before Zeth reaches Crimson, the wall Crimson is lying against is destroyed and the mysterious boy appears and grabs Crimson*

*A red demonic aura surrounds the boy*

Zeth: What the…!? Who are you!?

Boy: I won’t let you have this one yet. But don’t you worry because I’m very interested in you. We will see each other again.

*The boy and Crimson sink into the ground*

Zeth: This was my chance to consume Crimson and now he’s gone!

*Zeth falls to his knees and pounds the floor*

Zeth: That boy must have been a demon, but why does his hair look like mine?

Narrator: Zeth has improved so much that he far outclassed Crimson in their third fight but the mysterious boy rescued him. Why is the boy getting so involved with Zeth’s and Crimson’s affairs?

Chapter 164 END

To be Continued in Chapter 165: The Fortress Containment Cells