Chapter 165:

Chapter 165: The Fortress Containment Cells

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 165: The Fortress Containment Cells

Narrator: Back to Kurt and Keith.

*Kurt and Keith reach the lower levels where the fortress’s containment area is. There are a lot of empty holding cells*

Kurt: I hope we are not too late.

*They finally find some cells with people in them and the cells are guarded by a magic shield. One of the captives begins begging*

Man: Please let us out. I’m begging you! I don’t want to be here anymore!

Kurt: We will do what we can.

*Kurt and Keith release magic energy attacks at the shields and they have no effect*

Keith: These shields are too strong. There has to be a shut-off switch somewhere.

Kurt: All of you hold tight.

*Kurt and Keith continue looking around*

*They finally find a control computer but it is being watched by two Enigmuses*

Subject 2735: Die, intruders!

*The Enigmuses rush towards Kurt and Keith*

*Kurt charges both arms with a powerful form of his aura magic and then puts his hands together. The rupture of their collision causes the energy to burst forward and the beam of energy blasts a hole into one of them, killing the Enigmus*

*Keith releases a magic energy blast into a portal and after a few seconds, it comes out of the portal looking even stronger than before. It hits the other Enigmus and kills him*

Kurt: What was that attack?

Keith: It’s an energy attack that when going through a portal starts to charge itself with more power. The longer it stays in the portal, the more powerful it gets. The downside is I can’t use portals while that happens.

*Kurt and Keith approach the computer*

*Kurt and Keith use the computer to take down the shields and the people that are in the cells come out. Kurt hears his father call his name*

Beck: Kurt, is that you?

Kurt: Father!

*Kurt runs up to Beck and they hug*

Beck: Kurt, how did you find me?

Kurt: This is a project by an evil guy with the intention of creating an army out of human-made demons. We are trying to shut it down. I have already been turned into an Enigmus which is what the human-made demons are called. They were going to turn everyone here into demons. We need to get out of here.

Beck: Then show us the way

*They all start moving but both exits become blocked with a wall of darkness. Gen steps out of one of them*

Gen: Hello, humans. I want you all to come with me and become Enigmuses so that you can serve the Dark Goddess.

*Kurt steps out in front of all the people*

Kurt: They will do no such thing!

*Gen is not amused as he points his finger at Kurt and shoots a black death beam at him. Kurt can sense the beam’s deadly power and is frozen in place with fear as he has a look of terror on his face*

Gen: Learn your place.

Kurt: (Thinking) Move, damn it! Move!!!

*Beck opens his eyes wide*

Beck: No!!!

*At the last second, Beck knocks Kurt out of the way and takes the hit. Beck’s body falls backward*

Kurt: Nooooooo!!!!!

*Kurt moves over his father’s body*

Kurt: (Crying) Why did you do that!? I promised mother that you would return alive!

*Beck coughs up blood*

Beck: Because you have the power to fight this evil, Kurt… Take your anger out on this evil… And finally… A parent should never be the one… to bury… their… children…

*Beck closes his eyes and dies*

*The anger in both Kurt and Keith begins to build*

Gen: I hate to interrupt this emotional and sad last words but I have stuff to do. Now you all come with me.

Kurt: Burn in hell!!!!!

*Keith releases the same attack that he had used on the Enigmus just a bit ago and Kurt releases a huge and strong wave of aura energy*

*Both blasts head towards Gen who has a bit of a surprised look on his face. Next the attacks cause a huge explosion and after the smoke clears, the wall of darkness is gone as well as Gen*

Keith: Did we get him?

*They then hear an echo of Gen’s voice*

Gen: Hmhmhuhuhuh. That was a lot of power you both packed in those attacks. I will let these humans go but if we ever meet again, I will show you the darkness that will lead to your deaths. Kurt, was it? Know this, you are now on my hit list.

*He laughs again as his voice fades away*

Kurt: Keith, you lead these people out of here. I’m going ahead.

Keith: I certainly won’t disagree with you. Take those bastards out.

*Keith looks at all of the people*

Keith: All of you, come with me.

Narrator: It was a reunion that ended in sadness. Kurt must move forward and fight the enemies that stand in his way.

Chapter 165 END

To be Continued in Chapter 166: Joe vs Goro