Chapter 166:

Chapter 166: Joe vs Goro

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 166: Joe vs Goro

Narrator: Joe prepares to fight Goro who is enraged after finding out that Gido has been killed!

*Goro rushes towards Joe and slams his fists down at Joe but Joe jumps out of the way and Goro’s fists hit and destroy a large chunk of the floor*

*Goro activates his Bulldoze Magic (making him have a somewhat brown tint) and he turns his head to look at Joe angrily*

Goro: I’m going to destroy you!!

*Goro starts charging at Joe*

*Joe charges his magic and throws a powerful lightning bolt at Goro. The attack hits but Goro does not flinch and then Goro punches Joe hard, sending him flying with so much force that he breaks through a lot of walls and ends up in a different room*

*Goro chases after him*

*Joe stands up with a lot of wounds*

Joe: This guy isn’t going to be a pushover like the other one was. Why did my attack not even make him flinch?

*Goro arrives in the room and is still enraged*

*Joe jumps and slams a kick into Goro’s neck. Once again there is no flinch and Goro grabs Joe’s leg*

*Goro slams Joe into the floor repeatedly. Joe starts to create a big gust of wind around his own body*

*The gust of wind eventually blows Joe out of Goro’s grasp*

Joe: I can see on your body that my attacks are hurting you but you don’t flinch. No doubt your magic is responsible for that.

*Goro has calmed some at this point*

Goro: Good for you. Most people I fight are dead before they can figure it out.

Joe: I will wear you down!

*Joe starts throwing powerful lightning bolts at Goro as he runs around the room and does his best to dodge Goro’s punches*

*Goro smiles and then punches the air. Powerful shockwaves are released and Joe starts to feel the shockwaves, causing his body to shiver in pain*

*Joe falls to his knees shivering in pain and Goro runs up to him and kicks him up into the ceiling*

*Goro jumps up, grabs Joe, and then slams him back down to the ground*

*Goro picks up Joe by the neck and starts strangling him*

Goro: It’s almost impossible to beat me in a one-on-one fight. You have to be outright stronger than me and simply kill me in one blow rather than rely on winning a long fight.

Joe: (Thinking) This is bad… I could do damage to him but I won’t be able to make him drop me before he chokes me to death…

*Kurt arrives in the room*

Kurt: Then he won’t fight you one-on-one! I will join him!

*Kurt releases a whip of aura and it is able to rip Joe away from Goro’s grasp*

Joe: I’m glad you showed up.

Kurt: Let’s do this. I’m not in a particularly good mood right now so I want to take it out on this guy.

Joe: What happened?

Kurt: We can talk later about it. For now, we will take this guy down.

Joe: Right…

Goro: One more guy does not make your odds a lot better.

*Joe makes his whole body white with electricity. At a super-fast speed, Joe moves in and smashes his fist into Goro’s gut*

Joe: Blitzkrieg!!

*The attack not only makes Goro flinch but he also is knocked back into the wall. Joe’s body loses its electricity and smoke is also coming from his fist*

*Goro pushes himself off the wall and he is angry*

Joe: So with enough force, it is possible to knock you away. Good to know.

Goro: I was unprepared for that but now it is time to put more power into my attacks.

Narrator: Kurt has joined Joe’s fight with Goro. Can the two of them combined be enough to defeat him?

Chapter 166 END

To be Continued in Chapter 167: Hero Combination