Chapter 167:

Chapter 167: Hero Combination

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 167: Hero Combination

Narrator: Kurt joins in on Joe’s battle against Goro!

Goro: Die!!

*Goro rushes towards Joe and Kurt and throws a punch at them but they dodge the punch. The punch ends up slamming into the ground and breaks a lot of it*

*Joe blasts razor hail at Goro and Kurt releases slashes of aura blades. The razor hail doesn’t cut through Goro but they do stab his body and Kurt’s aura slashes leave cuts*

*Goro responds by punching the air with shockwaves being released. Kurt releases a wave of aura to engulf the shockwaves*

Kurt: Your shockwaves will not overcome my aura!

*Goro does a roll jump forward and then breaks out of the roll and punches Kurt hard which knocks Kurt back*

Goro: Maybe so but your aura won't overcome my fists directly.

*Joe comes in holding a lightning spear that he created and starts thrusting it at Goro. Goro takes a few hits but then is able to start blocking it*

*Kurt gets up and makes his aura have razor properties and starts charging at Goro. Goro does a quick 180 which surprises Kurt*

*Goro kicks Kurt into a wall and then shoots out the razor hail stuck in his back at Joe which pierces him and makes him stop moving from the pain*

*Goro grabs Kurt and then kicks him in the air above Joe. Goro then jumps and grabs Kurt again*

*Goro slams Kurt down into Joe who had not started moving again yet. The attack does a lot of damage*

*Goro then kicks both of them into the wall and then charges his body with magic*

Goro: The bottom line is that neither of you stands a chance. At full power, I am a high C-Rank and that is what I’m using right now. Bulldozing Blast!

*Goro releases a giant blue beam of energy*

*The beam hits Kurt and Joe and explodes*

Goro: You paid the price for resisting me!

*The smoke clears and there is no trace of Kurt and Joe*

Goro: Did I completely vaporize them?

???: Think again.

Goro: What!?

*Goro looks to his left and sees Zeth holding both Kurt and Joe. Zeth puts them down and confronts Goro*

Goro: The Light Goddess’s son? Nobody has captured you yet? It looks like I will have to do it. I will certainly pass Udana on the top spot of Master Kogen’s most useful soldiers list. Not that such a list officially exists anyway.

Zeth: Tch.

*The next thing Goro knows is Zeth is right up in front of him and Zeth slams a hard fully magic-charged punch at Goro. The punch hits him in the face and sends him flying back and he falls down the steps of the stairs that lead to the room*

*Goro bounces down the stairs until he reaches the bottom. He stands up*

Goro: Why you little—!

*Goro doesn’t have time to finish his sentence as when he looks up, a powerful Star Shine Blast is flying down the stairway. Goro braces himself to take the hit as there is nowhere to run*

*Goro takes the hit and afterward looks like he took a lot of damage, though he stands strong*

Goro: *huff huff* You got me good there. But you will lose once I adjust to how you fight.

*Goro looks up towards the top of the stairway and sees an angry Zeth, Joe, and Kurt*

Goro: So that’s how it will be.

Narrator: A combination of heroes now stands before Goro and his powerful (but probably OP) magic. Zeth got some good shots in. Will that continue?

Chapter 167 END

To be Continued in Chapter 168: Combination Attack