Chapter 168:

Chapter 168: Combination Attack

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 168: Combination Attack

*The heroes start running down the stairs towards Goro. Joe enters his state where he turns white from a large amount of electricity covering his body and his speed greatly increases as he zooms down the stairs*

Joe: How about another Blitzkrieg!!

*Joe reaches Goro and punches him but the hit has nowhere near the impact as the last one he did. Goro grabs Joe’s neck*

Joe: (Thinking) Shit! I have overused it!

Goro: That ability of yours seems to have lost its oomph.

Zeth: So has yours!

*Zeth jumps and kicks Goro in the head which causes him to release Joe and pushes him back*

Kurt: The continuous beatings you have taken have started to weaken your body’s ability to handle your magic.

*Goro turns around and starts running through the twists and turns of the hallway*

Joe: What’s the matter now!? Can’t handle us!?

*The heroes chase after him*

*As they chase after him, they run into some Enigmuses and the heroes punch and kick them away to continue their chase*

*They eventually end up in a technical room with a lot of computers. Goro is there, charging his magic*

Joe: No more running!

Kurt: This ends here!

*Goro takes a syringe and injects a substance into his arms. He smiles and then rushes towards the heroes*

*Goro’s speed has increased. When he gets close, he sidesteps and then swipes his arm at Joe’s side which knocks Joe into Zeth and both of them into a wall*

*Kurt throws a Flame Aura Punch at Goro but Goro blocks it with his arm and then punches Kurt in the face to knock him back*

*Zeth and Joe get up*

Zeth: We will need to combine our attacks!

Joe: Understood!

*Joe creates a storm cloud on the ceiling*

*Zeth then releases a Star Shine Blast at the cloud and it gets absorbed by the cloud. Goro looks up at the cloud trying to figure out what will happen. The cloud starts rapidly firing smaller Star Shine Blasts at Goro*

*Goro starts running to try to outrun the blasts but is intercepted by Kurt who does another Flame Aura Punch and pounds Goro in the face*

*Goro is then hit by the last remaining small SSBs. Goro recovers himself and then digs into the steel floor. He rips out part of the floor with electrical wires under them*

*Goro quickly tosses the pieces of steel floor like a projectile. Joe tries to block it with wind and throws a lightning bolt too but the floor piece blows right into Joe, knocking him off his feet*

*The lightning bolt goes towards Goro. Goro picks up an electric wire and absorbs the lightning bolt using the wire and now Goro is charged with electricity*

Goro: You know, I think I like this electricity!

*Goro releases a large wave of electricity. As he does that, Zeth gives Kurt a condensed Star Shine Blast and Kurt pushes his aura onto it*

Zeth: Quick!

Kurt: I'm trying!

*The pressure shoots out the SSB and Kurt’s aura like a speeding bullet and it makes contact with the electricity. The large collision of power causes a big explosion*

*The explosion pushes everyone back and damages a lot of the room*

*Goro looks at himself and the heroes. Everyone is hurt*

Goro: This fight is entering its final phase and I will come out on top.

Narrator: The heroes have started combining their attacks. Will it be enough to overcome Goro?
Chapter 168 END

To be Continued in Chapter 169: Biology of an Enigmus