Chapter 169:

Chapter 169: Biology of an Enigmus

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 169: Biology of an Enigmus

*Goro starts charging a lot of magic*

Goro: I plan to finish you all in one attack!

*The heroes can sense how strong his power is*

Zeth: We have to combine our attacks again!

Kurt: Okay. So how do you want to do this?

Zeth: Joe, we are going to need you to do your Blitzkrieg attack again.

Joe: What!? I’ve overused it! It won’t be powerful!

Zeth: We can help with that.

Joe: How?

Zeth: Kurt can cover your body with his aura and I will apply my Raging Star power to you.

Joe: That power will tear me apart!

Zeth: Not if we do this attack fast. We don’t have much time anyway before he launches his attack.

Joe: Okay, let’s do this then.

*Joe powers his body and he turns white with electricity all over his body*

*Kurt adds his aura to Joe to power him up and Zeth then adds Raging Star power to Joe, causing Joe to have blue and red tint*

Zeth: Go!!

Goro: This is the end for you!!

Joe: Raging Aura Blitzkrieg!!

*Goro and Joe both start rushing towards each other*

*They try to punch each other and their punches collide and strong waves of energy shoot out in all directions*

*With their punches collided, they are screaming as they try to overpower the other*

Goro: Just give up and die!!!

Joe: Screw you!!! We’ve come too far to fail now!!!

*Joe soon breaks away and his punch lands hard on Goro’s torso, sending him flying back like a speeding bullet and he breaks through many walls and rooms*

*The power Joe has dissipates and now he is extremely tired*

Joe: *huff huff* I did it. *huff huff*

*Zeth and Kurt walk up to Joe and give him a pat on the back*

Zeth: I’m sure we are now close to reaching Kogen. I’m tired of this place so I can’t wait to punch his face in.

Kurt: Should we go to make sure Goro is down?

Zeth: No way he is coming back from that.

*One of the large computers in the room starts flashing*

Joe: What’s with that computer?

*The heroes walk up to it. The computer stops flashing and displays a list of words*

*What catches their eyes is “Enigmus Properties”*

Zeth: Click on that. You guys are now Enigmuses so are you aware of the properties of one?

Kurt: A little bit but not a lot.

*They click on it and it brings up a description of the biology of Enigmuses*

Zeth: So what actually turns a person into one is implanting a demon heart into the body. The demon heart can be a manufactured one or a natural one. A natural heart is more powerful than a manufactured one. The heart can be implanted anywhere in the body but some places are more effective than others and poorly implanting it may kill the host. The most effective place is inside the head but it also has a high chance of killing the host with it being the most difficult place to implant. The host gains regenerative abilities in the part of the body where the heart is implanted. After the heart is implanted, the removal of the heart will kill the host. There is more about all of the specific details but we have a good idea now.

Kurt: This is good stuff to know.

Zeth: (Thinking) Korobu’s Enigmus scar was on his forehead. That means he must have had a successful implantation in his head.

*Joe looks at Zeth*

Joe: Is something wrong?

Zeth: No, it’s nothing. We need to get going. Let’s take Kogen down!

Kurt and Joe: Right!


Narrator: In the interrogation room.

*Emily has entered the interrogation room of the fortress. It’s not long before she encounters Udana*

Emily: You! This is my chance for payback!

Udana: I’m not in the mood for games. I’m going to execute you. Zeth is the only one who will be taken alive.

Narrator: The heroes have defeated Goro. Now, Emily must fight Udana alone.

Chapter 169 END

To be Continued in Chapter 170: Emily vs Udana. Duel to the Death!