Chapter 170:

Chapter 170: Emily vs Udana. Duel to the Death!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 170: Emily vs Udana. Duel to the Death!

Narrator: Emily and Udana meet face to face once again for their final confrontation!

*Udana takes out her sword*

Udana: I will kill you. Master Kogen demands it.

*Emily takes out her sledgehammer*

Emily: If you think it will be easy then you are mistaken.

Udana: I didn’t say it would be. By becoming an Enigmus, you are a lot stronger than you were the last time we fought.

*Udana quickly rushes towards Emily. She has impressive speed and she slashes her sword at Emily but Emily blocks with her sledgehammer*

*Udana does a 360-degree spin and then slashes again. This time Emily dodges and swings her sledgehammer at Udana and just barely hits Udana’s arm*

*Udana grabs onto her arm with her other hand as she kicks Emily in the chin to knock her back. Udana shakes off the pain*

Udana: Sword. Yellow.

*Udana’s sword glows yellow*

*Udana rushes towards Emily and slashes at her rapidly. Emily tries to block but the yellow sword has quick (but low damaging) slashes and she starts taking hits*

*Emily puts away her sledgehammer and brings out a dagger and now is able to block. Finally, she blocks Udana’s sword and then punches Udana in the face, knocking her back*

*Emily puts away the dagger and pulls out her bow*

Udana: Sword. Green.

*Udana’s sword glows green. She then bends her knees and holds the sword handle with both hands above her head and it is pointed at Emily*

*Emily draws an arrow and aims at Udana. She shoots the arrow at Udana but suddenly, eight more Udanas appear in the room in the same stance. The one Emily shoots at just disappears*

*The eight Udanas start talking*

Udana: Do you like this ability? My green sword gives me this ability. Only one of me is real.

*Emily readies another arrow as the Udanas charge at her*

*An Udana comes in and swings at Emily but Emily figures that it is a fake and she is right as the sword slash goes right through her*

*Emily can’t make up her mind as the third Udana to slash at her is the real one and she is sent flying into a wall with a large cut on her back*

Emily: That could have cut me in half with more power! Damn, it hurts!

Udana: You’re very fortunate that my sword can’t use more than one mode at once.

*Emily gets up and blood drips down her back. She readies her arrow and now she once again has to figure out which one is real. She shoots an arrow and the one she hits is not the real one*

*Emily quickly pulls out her dagger to block a slash from the real Udana. Emily smirks*

Emily: I guessed correctly this time!

Udana: You blocked my attack. So what?

Emily: You don’t know all of my tricks!

*The arrow Emily shot bounces off a wall and comes straight back towards them*

*Since Emily knows which is the real Udana, she jumps over Udana, grabs the arrow as it comes back, and stabs it into Udana’s back*

Udana: Gahh!

*Emily then kicks Udana in the back which knocks her forward and she lands face down on the floor. Her back is bleeding with the arrow stabbed into her back*

*Udana’s sword loses its green glow so the fake Udanas disappear. Udana then stands up and rips the arrow out of her back*

Udana: Like I said, I didn’t think this would be easy. You have validated why the Enigmus Project is so important. Before you became an Enigmus, you stood no chance against me. Now, look at you.

Emily: What are you getting at?

Udana: With an army of trained Enigmuses, we would not need the help of the divine light to fight the darkness.

Emily: So far to me, all of you seem like the darkness.

Udana: I suppose I can see your point of view. However, you are on the wrong side. If you wish to continue fighting then pull out your Shadow Sword.

Emily: You really want me to use it?

Udana: Of course. It’s sword against sword and if I can’t defeat you even at your best then I deserve death as I can no longer fulfill Master Kogen’s desires.

Emily: Fine.

*She pulls out her Shadow Sword. Emily’s iris color turns dark red*

Emily: There is no going back now.

Narrator: Emily is in a battle to the death with Udana. With them about to go all out, this could get bloody.

Chapter 170 END

To be Continued in Chapter 171: Shadow Sword Against Ability Sword