Chapter 171:

Chapter 171: Shadow Sword Against Ability Sword

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 171: Shadow Sword Against Ability Sword

Udana: Sword. Gold.

*Udana’s sword glows gold. Emily and Udana then rush towards each other*

*They slash their swords at each other and they cling. They keep slashing and they keep clinging as neither is able to get a hit in*

*Emily slashes at Udana’s legs but Udana jumps and kicks Emily in the face*

*Udana slashes at Emily and Emily blocks with her sword at the last second. Udana smiles as a gold wave starts being released from each clash*

*The golden wave hits Emily and damages her. She then jumps back*

Udana: As long as I use the gold ability, clinging our swords may not turn out well for you.

Emily: Then I won’t.

*Emily charges at Udana and fakes a slash at Udana which Udana reacts with a guard but Emily follows with a slash that hits Udana in the arm*

*Udana’s arm comes away with only a cut*

Emily: I’m impressed that your arm was not taken off.

Udana: Yes, my body is quite durable.

*Udana quickly grabs Emily’s arm, kicks her in the gut, and then slams her down to the ground with her sword pointed down at Emily’s back*

*Emily’s rolls to the side which dodges Udana’s sword stab and she jumps back onto her feet and charges at Udana*

*Emily starts slashing at Udana but is trying to find an opening so as not to cause a clash with Udana’s gold sword*

*Emily goes for a strong slash but it clashes with Udana’s sword, a gold wave is released and blows into Emily, sending her flying back*

*Udana rushes towards Emily and plans to stab her. Emily notices at the last second and raises her leg*

*Udana’s sword pierces a little into Emily’s foot and Emily feels a ton of pain as she slashes at Udana, causing a large cut on Udana’s leg. Both Emily and Udana scream out in pain*

Emily: Aaahhh!!

Udana: Drrrrgaaahhh!!!

*Emily stops screaming in pain and slowly stands up as Udana backs up while trying to stop the bleeding. Both of them look like they are still in a lot of pain*

Udana: *huff huff* You’re a clever one, purposely taking a stab in your foot from my sword to get a good hit on me.

*Emily has a confident smile while still looking like she is in pain*

Emily: *huff huff* It’s more than just a good hit.

*Udana’s leg that was slashed starts to be covered in black darkness*

Udana: I see…

Emily: That should even the odds in this fight.

Udana: I suppose you are right but my sword still has the power to put you down. Sword. Red.

*Udana’s sword starts to glow red*

Udana: The power of my red sword is extreme. No one has faced me and lived when I use my red sword.

Emily: Then I intend to be the first.

Udana: Oh really?

*Udana rushes towards Emily but at a slower speed due to her leg wound*

*Emily intends to block but she underestimates the power of the red sword and the clash of the swords sends Emily flying back*

Udana: You may now be in sudden death.

Narrator: Udana now uses the strongest of her sword’s power. How will Emily overcome it?

Chapter 171 END

To be Continued in Chapter 172: Sudden Death