Chapter 172:

Chapter 172: Sudden Death

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 172: Sudden Death

Emily: (Thinking) I’m going to have to channel more magic if I don’t want her sword to blow me away when we clash!

*Emily starts channeling more magic into her Shadow Sword*

Udana: Let’s continue. This is sudden death. One wrong move… and you will be dead.

*Udana jumps in the air towards Emily and tries to slash her as she falls*

*Emily blocks with her swords and the swords cling but Emily does not get knocked back this time*

Udana: I see that you adjusted well.

*Udana jumps back to avoid a possible counterattack and then charges at Emily again*

*They slash their swords at each other four times and each time ends with a clash of the other’s sword*

*Emily swipes her foot at Udana’s leg and trips Udana. She then tries to immediately slash Udana but Udana breaks her fall by pushing her hand onto the ground and blocks Emily’s sword with her own sword*

*Udana jumps up and Emily thrusts her sword towards Udana. Their swords clash and it knocks Udana back*

*Emily charges after her and they start slashing at each other as Udana moves backward and Emily moves forward*

*Soon Udana takes advantage of a clash and thrusts her elbow into Emily’s face and follows up with a slash*

*Emily just barely backs up and the tip of Udana’s sword barely slashes across the skin of Emily’s stomach, leaving a 6-inch-long cut*

*Emily backs up and holds onto the wound with her hand and she is in a lot of pain*

Emily: Damn it…

Udana: Had my sword been any closer, you would probably be dead.

*Emily puts both hands on her sword and she starts screaming as she quickly rushes towards Udana*

*Udana intends to block Emily’s slash but is not prepared for its power as the clash pushes her back against a wall*

*Emily rushes again angrily and intends to stab Udana against the wall. Emily thrusts her sword at Udana*

*Udana barely leans out of the way. Emily tries another slash and Udana ducks to avoid it*

*Udana runs behind Emily and tries a slash but Emily is able to block*

*Emily then swipe kicks Udana away from her*

*Now with some distance between them, they both just stare at each other*

Udana: I have a feeling this sudden death is about to come to an end…

Emily: So do I.

Udana: Then put every bit of your power into this!

*They rush towards each other and then rapidly slash their swords at each other with continuous clashes*

*They both get an idea of where they want to slash and this time when they clash, their swords start sliding in different directions*

*Udana’s sword goes downwards and cuts off Emily’s leg. Emily’s sword goes up and cuts off the arm Udana holds her sword in*

*As Emily falls, she also cuts off one of Udana’s legs*

*Both of them fall to the ground in excruciating pain*

Emily and Udana: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

*Both of them are on the floor losing a lot of blood from where their limbs were cut off. After their screaming stops, Udana finally speaks*

Udana: *huff huff* It looks like I lost. The leg that I cut off is the leg where your demon heart is and can be reattached…

Emily: *huff huff* It was only thanks to your leg being affected by my sword. You would have won otherwise.

Narrator: Emily has defeated the powerful Udana. She was Kogen’s last line of defense. He is all that is left. But why exactly has Udana been following him all this time?

Chapter 172 END

To be Continued in Chapter 173: Udana’s Motivation