Chapter 173:

Chapter 173: Udana’s Motivation

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 173: Udana’s Motivation

Narrator: The battle is over but there are mysteries about Udana that remain to be answered.

*Emily and Udana continue to lie on the floor with Emily’s right leg cut off as well as Udana’s right arm and left leg too*

Udana: So this is it… It all comes to an end for me…

Emily: There’s something off about you. Why exactly do you follow Kogen? What has he done for you?

*Udana starts to think about her past*

Udana: How I got to this point…


Narrator: 8 years ago.

*Udana is in a bar drinking, A man with an eye patch comes in and it is Kogen*

Kogen: Listen up, I’m looking for strong capable assistants! Is there anyone in here that thinks they are strong?

*Udana is annoyed and stands up*

Udana: Shut up! Don’t think that you are some strong badass just because you wear an eye patch!

*A lot of people stop what they are doing and start paying attention to them*

Kogen: Then maybe you would like to see my strength?

*Udana readies to fight and Kogen charges his magic*

Udana: You must have some sort of death wish!

*Udana charges at Kogen*

*She tries to punch Kogen’s face but he grabs her arm easily and punches her, knocking her into a table*

*Udana pulls out her sword*

Udana: You’re dead now!!

*She charges at him again*

*Udana continuously slashes at Kogen but he easily dodges them and then grabs her and slams her down onto the floor*

Kogen: As you can see, I am the real deal.

*Udana is in shock*

Udana: I have never been so easily dominated.

Kogen: Even so, I can tell that you are strong. Become one of my assistants and you will get anything you want.


Narrator: The Next Day.

*Kogen and Udana are sitting on a bench in a public park*

Udana: So why are you looking for assistants?

Kogen: You know of the Great Chaos, correct?

Udana: Yes, what about it?

Kogen: Enough sitting around just waiting to know if the Light Goddess can protect us. I want to take control of this world so we can put our protection in our own hands.1

*Udana’s eyes open wide*

Udana: That hits home for me.

Kogen: Oh, does it?

Udana: About 5 years ago, I lived in a town at the bottom of a mountain. We were one of the remaining towns of the Earth Den people. A small horde of demons invaded and killed everyone. I was the only survivor. Official authorities ruled it as caused by an unknown natural disaster. They wouldn’t believe me about the demons.

Kogen: They are either in denial or are very foolish. Humanity almost came to an end in the last great chaos. Following me, you will finally get the chance to take vengeance.

Udana: If I can really get vengeance and be able to fight the demons, I will follow you to Hell and back.

Kogen: Good. This won’t be a fast process though and will take some time.

Udana: That doesn’t matter to me.

*End Backstory*


Udana: And so that is why I follow Kogen.

Emily: So you’re an Earth Den… Just like me.

Udana: So you are one too? I should have figured considering your magic.

*Emily crawls towards her leg and grabs it. She then reattaches her leg*

Emily: I now see and understand why you want to do what you are doing… but it’s still wrong.

*Emily stands up*

Emily: You can’t force people to do this.

Udana: Very well, you can try to stop it but Kogen is far stronger than I am… I’m about to bleed out… Fisha, you said you would see me in Hell… You’re about to get your shot at vengeance…

*Udana is close to death now and tears start flowing down her face*

Udana: Emily, I have one last request. If you somehow defeat Kogen, go to the town I grew up in that was destroyed by the demons. I have a suspicion that they did not want to destroy the town just for the sake of destroying the town. Go to New Gringe Town and find out why they wanted it… Take… my vengeance… for me…

*Udana dies with her eyes open. Emily bends down and uses her hand to close Udana’s eyes. She then stands back up and stares at her body*

Emily: It’s a shame that it came to this… I will do what you ask of me. But Kogen comes first.

Narrator: Udana’s motivations are now clear. Why she wanted to do what she did. Emily now knows where she wants to go.

Chapter 173 END

To be Continued in Chapter 174: March To Kogen’s Throne Room