Chapter 174:

Chapter 174: March To Kogen's Throne Room

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 174: March To Kogen’s Throne Room

Narrator: In one of the lab rooms.

*The sleeping Subject 1 is about to be released from his resting tube. Gen enters the room*

Gen: Okay, Grom. It’s time for you to be released.

*The tube drains the liquid out and then it opens. Grom wakes up and steps out. He is muscular and his short black hair is matted down due to the liquid in the tube. He looks like he is in his 30s*

Gen: You are coming with me.

*Grom just stares at him*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily.

*Emily walks towards Udana’s arm that she had cut off and she takes the sword that the hand was still holding*

Emily: I think I will take this sword.

*Emily takes Udana’s sword. She then continues on and leaves the room*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth, Kurt, and Joe.

*Zeth, Kurt, and Joe are running through the fortress and they take out any Enigmuses that they come across*

Zeth: How close are we to the throne room?

Kurt: We had no access to it but it should be somewhere around here.

*They see someone enter the hallway in front of them and it is Keith*

Kurt: Keith? You made it back here already?

Keith: Having portals comes in handy.

*With Keith now with them, they keep going*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha finally makes it back to the upper floors and she finds a group of Enigmuses*

Sasha: Get out of my way!

*Sasha releases a powerful wave of dark magic and blows them all away. With the Enigmuses blown away, she keeps going*


Narrator: Back with Emily.

*Emily takes out some Enigmuses with her Shadow Sword and then she then finds herself at the entrance to Kogen’s throne room*

*She opens the large doors and goes inside to find Kogen standing and looking out a window*

Kogen: So all of my soldiers have failed? A setback but it matters not. The Enigmus project will live on.

*Zeth, Kurt, Joe, and Keith bust into the room*

Emily: Your plan is crazy and this is where it ends!

Zeth: Emily, you look hurt!

Emily: Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.

*Kogen finally looks at them*

Kogen: So you are all starting to show up. Good.

Joe: Go to hell!

*Lastly, Sasha enters the throne room and she sees the others*

Sasha: I’m here and I’m ready to end this!

Zeth: Where is RAG?

Sasha: I went on ahead. He was fighting. Hopefully, he will be here shortly.

Kogen: It doesn’t matter how high your numbers are. You will still lose.

Zeth: We were able to take down all of your minions so you too will be defeated!

*Kogen starts to charge his magic*

Zeth: Alright, everyone! This is it! Let’s go!

*They all charge their magic*

Narrator: The heroes will now begin their final battle with Kogen. How much power does he have?

Chapter 174 END

To be Continued in Chapter 175: Heroes vs Kogen. The Battle to End the Enigmus Project!

Taylor Victoria