Chapter 175:

Chapter 175: Heroes vs Kogen. The Battle to End the Enigmus Project!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 175: Heroes vs Kogen. The Battle to End the Enigmus Project!

Narrator: The final battle with Kogen will now begin! The heroes must defeat Kogen or else his Enigmus Project will continue!

Zeth: You’re going down!

*Zeth rushes towards Kogen with his fist clenched. He tries to punch Kogen’s face but Kogen grabs his arm and throws him into Kurt which knocks them both back*

Joe: Take this!

*Joe forms a dark cloud that encircles Kogen and the clouds start launching razor hail horizontally but Kogen just jumps out of the clouds’ reach*

*Joe and Keith jump up to attack Kogen*

Kogen: Try all you like! You can’t hurt me!

*Kogen dodges Keith’s punch and then uses a magic-powered punch to hit Joe in the gut. The punch makes him cough up blood and sends him flying into a wall*

Keith: You bastard!

*Keith releases a powerful blast of magic energy from a portal behind him but Kogen deflects the blast back at Keith, blasting him into the floor*

Sasha: Don’t forget about us!

Emily: I’m going to slice you into pieces, you son of a bitch!

*Sasha and Emily try to attack Kogen from opposite sides. Sasha tries to stab Kogen from behind with her Dark Spear and Emily tries to slash Kogen from the front with her Shadow Sword*

Kogen: Why so upset, Emily? I’ve made you greater than you could have ever hoped to become.

Emily: Because you took my, no, our humanity!!!

*Kogen jumps and kicks Sasha in the face which knocks her back and he then blocks Emily’s Shadow Sword by charging his arm with a lot of magic. Emily is shocked*

Emily: What!?

*Kogen smiles confidently*

Kogen: What does it matter that you can’t call yourself a human anymore? The way you live your life won’t change.

*Kogen head-butts Emily and then punches her away from him*

Kogen: You are all disappointing. Do you know what my magic power is at right now? A low B-Rank. The unfortunate reality for you is that’s not even close to my max. So I ask all of you this… Why bother? Why fight? Why resist? My goal is to help kill the Dark Goddess. That is the goal of all of you, is it not? The Light Goddess will thank me when I become the biggest asset in destroying the Dark Goddess! I’m a hero!!

*Kogen clenches his fist hard*

Kogen: You can’t even begin to comprehend how badly I want to destroy the Dark Goddess…

*The heroes all start to stand up*

Zeth: Why, you ask us? It’s because regardless of your intentions, forcing people to change their very being is wrong!

Kurt: And on top of that, you enslave every single one of them!

Emily: None of us can ever return to our families as a human anymore!

Keith: You even take advantage of their unique situations to make them do it! Poor Charlie…

Joe: I can say for sure that you’re no damned hero!

Sasha: How would you feel if it was forced on you when you didn’t want it!?

*Kogen’s eye opens wide for a moment in surprise after hearing Sasha’s words but then he calms himself*

Kogen: You have no idea… just what I’ve been through…

Zeth: Now that we’ve all said something to you, know this! We’re just getting started!

*All six heroes charge at Kogen. Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast and Keith releases a barrage of energy blasts from portals*

Kogen: You mentioned Charlie. Do you mean Subject 7?

*The energy attacks hit Kogen and explode. To continue the attack, Sasha throws a dark energy ball into the smoke, Emily shoots her Shotgun into the smoke, and Kurt releases a Mega Aura Whip*

*Joe goes into his electric form. He quickly rushes towards the smoke and releases a ton of electrical energy from a punch*

*The heroes end their attacks and wait for the smoke to clear*

Keith: Did we get him?

Emily: I doubt he could come out of that unscathed.

Joe: My Blitzkrieg was used at full power too so that alone should have done serious damage.

*As the smoke clears they are shocked*

*Kogen barely even has a scratch on him*

Kogen: As I was saying about Subject 7… Turning him into an Enigmus saved his life! He had a terminal illness and turning him into an Enigmus cured him! How is that bad!? I’m saving everyone in this world and yet the lot of you are rejecting progress!!

Keith: And yet he would still have to serve under you for the rest of his life.

Kogen: He made that decision on his own! Is it wrong to want to help the one you are grateful to for saving your life!?

*Kogen’s anger grows*

Kogen: But it matters not! If your attacks just now are the best you can do, well then—

*Kogen rushes to the heroes and starts punching them*

*The heroes try to block or dodge but he is too fast and powerful. Emily tries to slash Kogen with her Shadow Sword again but Kogen deflects the slash and it stabs Sasha*

Sasha: Aaaahh!!

Emily: Sasha! I’m sorry!!

*Kogen knocks them both back with a swipe of his arm*

*Emily gets up and pulls the sword out of Sasha*

Emily: Oh no! Sasha!

Sasha: I don’t think it stabbed any vitals but I’m in so much pain…

Keith: You will pay for that!!

*Keith gets close to Kogen for an attack but Kogen kicks Keith into a wall and he is down for the count*

Joe: Hey, bastard! You’re pissing me off!!

*Kogen then slams Joe into the ground*

Kurt: We are relentless! We are not letting you come out victorious!!

*Kurt turns his aura property to razor-sharp and tries to punch Kogen but Kogen just punches him three times to knock him down*

Kogen: I’m telling you that fighting me is hopeless! I’m far stronger than all of you!!

Zeth: I have had enough of this! Raging Star Mode!!

*Zeth’s body and skin turn to a dark red tint*

Kogen: Ahh, such a powerful aura.

*That has a very serious expression on his face*

Zeth: This is my full unaided power.

Narrator: With his friends down for the count, Zeth activates his Raging Star Mode to fight Kogen.

Chapter 175 END

To be Continued in Chapter 176: Darkness Awakened

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