Chapter 190:

Chapter 190: First Round. Match Two - Emily vs Lizard Knight

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 190: First Round. Match Two - Emily vs Lizard Knight

Narrator: Emily faces off against Lizard in her first-round match!

Lizard Knight: I will send you to your grave.

*LK pulls out a Ball & Chain*

Emily: A Ball & Chain? I want that!

*Emily pulls out her X12 Shatter Shotgun*

*LK swings the B&C at Emily who jumps to dodge. Emily then runs around LK*

Emily: I really want that ball and chain! Could you be nice and hand it over?

Lizard Knight: Hell no! I’m going to use it to kill you!

*Emily dodges another attack by the B&C and gets in point-blank range and shoots her shotgun at LK which destroys part of his armor*

Lizard Knight: What!?

*Emily shoots again and blows off the armor on LK’s arms*

Lizard Knight: That is one powerful shotgun you have there! Maybe it’s you who should be handing over your weapon to me!

Emily: Thanks for the compliment but if you want it, you will have to beat me first!

Lizard Knight: I most certainly will!

*LK has an opportunity and he hits Emily with the B&C. Emily takes damage and is knocked back but she pulls out her Ability Sword (Author's Note: It's the sword she took from Udana) and stabs it into the arena to stop herself from falling into the pit of zombies*

Emily: That was close!

*LK swings his B&C again but Emily dodges*

Emily: Sword. Silver!

*The sword turns silver*

Emily: (Thinking) Alright, Udana. I’m finally going to use your sword in real combat!

*LK swings the B&C again but it attaches to Emily’s sword as the Silver Sword attracts metal objects and Emily then hops on the B&C*

*Emily then jumps towards LK*

Emily: Sword. Brown.

*The sword turns brown and LK is defenseless*

Emily: I got you now!

*Emily cuts off one of LK’s arms and the arm is now attached to a brown energy beam coming from the sword*

Lizard Knight: My arm!?

*Emily swings the sword, causing the arm to punch LK in the face which knocks him into the pit of zombies. He also drops the B&C*

*LK pulls out a sword and cuts up some zombies and then jumps back onto the arena*

*Emily puts away her sword and then puts on her claw gloves and channels magic into them*

Lizard Knight: How am I being beaten so easily!?

Emily: I will tell you how.

*Emily runs towards LK*

*LK swings his sword but Emily just blocks it and punches LK in the chest and the punch even destroys what little armor is left there*

Emily: Because I’m just that much better than you!

*Emily rapidly punches LK and LK can do nothing about it. After Emily’s rapid punches end, LK is left lying on the floor*

Emily: Do you give up?

Lizard Knight: Hell no!

*LK attempts to get up but is then smashed as Emily slams the B&C into him. LK coughs up blood*

Emily: How about now?

*LK is barely alive*

Lizard Knight: Okay! Okay! I give up!

*The crowd starts booing*

Demon: Come on! Kill the chump!

Zonbi: Well, the crowd certainly doesn’t like this mercy showing but Emily is the winner!

Emily: I’m taking your Ball & Chain as a prize for my victory.

*Emily uses her magic to shrink the B&C and walks back to her teammates. LK walks back to his team in shame*

Joe: You kicked that guy’s ass!

*Joe high fives Emily*

Joe: I’m going next!

Zeth: Go right ahead.

*On the other side of the arena, the Underworld Reptiles’s Captain looks angrily at LK*

Lizard Knight: I’m sorry…

*The UR Captain does a sideways chop at LK and cuts him in half*

Lizard Knight: Why…?

UR Captain: You didn’t just lose! You lost embarrassingly! You got a whopping one hit on her!

*LK dies and everyone saw that so the crowd cheers*

Zonbi: Well folks, it looks like the “Underworld Reptiles” captain decided to kill Lizard Knight himself!

Zeth: That’s horrible!

Joe: You can have their captain.

*Joe walks onto the arena and encounters the next UR opponent*

*Joe’s UR opponent is a black dragon-looking reptile that stands on two legs and has wings. He also has a 6-foot-long tail*

Narrator: Team “Underworld Reptiles” – Air Flame. Magic Rank – mid B-Rank.

UR Captain: Don’t fail or you will suffer the same fate, Air Flame.

*Air Flame looks back at the captain*

Air Flame: I won’t. I’m not weak like Strong Jaw and Lizard Knight.

Narrator: Team “Heaven’s Destiny” – Joe. Magic Rank – Low B-Rank.

Joe: I got this.

Air Flame: Death awaits you. I, Air Flame, will deliver it to you.

Narrator: After Emily easily defeated Lizard Knight, Joe is going to take on Air Flame.

Chapter 190 END

To be Continued in Chapter 191: First Round. Match Three - Joe vs Air Flame