Chapter 191:

Chapter 191: First Round. Match Three - Joe vs Air Flame

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 191: First Round. Match Three - Joe vs Air Flame

Narrator: Joe faces off against the dragon-like demon, Air Flame!

*Air Flame starts flying in the air*

Air Flame: You can’t defeat me because you can’t hit me.

Joe: I hope that’s not your only plan.

Air Flame: Huh?

*Joe forms storm clouds above the stadium*

Air Flame: Weather Magic? It will take more than some storm to defeat me.

*AF swoops down towards Joe. Joe throws a lightning bolt at AF but AF dodges while still swooping down*

*AF lands a strong punch to Joe’s face which knocks him down on his back. However, he smiles as the lightning bolt bursts in midair causing electricity to flow off in many directions*

*The electricity hits AF in the back and he falls back down onto the arena*

Joe: How do you like that? It’s a new development in my weather powers.

*AF rubs his neck*

Air Flame: Nice ability but that will not work again.

*The storms clouds start to produce heavy rain as well as lightning but AF takes flight again*

Air Flame: As impressive as your storm is, I already said that no storm will stop me.

*AF dodges lightning as he swoops down towards Joe and charges his mouth with magic energy*

*Joe charges both of his hands with magic and they glow a very light blue color*

Joe: Don’t you worry. I got more than lightning up my sleeve.

*Joe jumps towards AF as AF shoots out a large fireball out of his mouth. Joe shoots out two small spikes made of ice*

*The two Ice Spikes hit both of AF’s wings which completely freezes them. However, Joe is hit by the large fireball and it blasts him back down to the arena. AF’s frozen wings cause him to fall down to the arena too*

*Joe recovers from the fire but is left with some burn marks*

Joe: These burns were worth grounding you.

Air Flame: I don’t need to fly to beat you.

*AF charges towards Joe and they start punching each other. They punch each other’s faces. They each then get their fair share of punches and blocks in*

*AF tries an uppercut but Joe blocks. Joe then roll jumps over AF and then kicks him in the back which knocks AF face down on the arena*

Joe: (Thinking) Now’s my chance to land a major blow!

*Joe charges at AF but AF turns over and shoots out a lot of spread-out fireballs at Joe*

Joe: Oh shit!

*It’s too late to do anything and he gets blasted by a lot of the fireballs, giving him more burns and knocking him back*

*AF has a confident smile*

Air Flame: I’m quite good at close combat too!

*AF gets up and charges at Joe*

*Joe gets up but as soon as he does, he gets whipped by AF’s tail which knocks him back down. AF then slams his fist into Joe’s gut, causing him to cough up blood*

*Joe covers himself with electricity until he looks almost completely white with electricity. With this power, he jumps high upward in the air and then lands on a different part of the arena*

Joe: I’m enjoying this fight.

Air Flame: Perhaps I made you loose in the head. You’re not supposed to enjoy getting destroyed.

Joe: Am I? Blitzkrieg!

*Immediately afterward, Joe zips in a flash towards AF and gut punches him which causes AF to cough up blood*

*AF tries to counter with his own punch but Joe zips back and then forth again and strikes AF with an uppercut sending him upwards*

Joe: You’re pretty tough but you stand no chance against Blitzkrieg!

*Joe jumps above AF and then kicks him hard in the back sending him back down to the arena. The collision breaks the ice on his wings. Joe lands but his electric body wears off*

*AF stands up and smiles*

Air Flame: This fight is not over. Let me show you… hell.

*AF flies upwards and then charges his mouth with a lot of magic energy*

Air Flame: Let me show you one of the best fire techniques ever created. This one is called Burning Hell. A powerful technique created by Kazan, the Volcano Demon. Of course, others have a more powerful version of it but mine will be enough to kill you.

*AF releases a large wave of fire at the arena*

*The sides and edges of the arena become encased in fire and, as a whole, the arena becomes encased with burning air. Joe starts sweating*

UR Captain: Excellent. Very few opponents have ever faced this technique and come out alive.

Zeth: Joe!! You need to finish him fast!

Joe: Don’t worry! I have a plan!

Air Flame: Don’t kid yourself. Your simple rain can’t put out these fires! You will burn to death in this prison of hell!

Joe: (Thinking) He might be right. I hope my plan works or I’m done for!

Narrator: Joe has found himself in the hell prison, Burning Hell. How will he overcome it and defeat Air Flame?

Chapter 191 END

To be Continued in Chapter 192: Burning Storm