Chapter 192:

Chapter 192: Burning Storm

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 192: Burning Storm

Narrator: Joe must overcome the fires of Air Flame’s Burning Hell technique!

*Joe is heavily sweating*

Joe: *huff huff* I’m going to die of dehydration or heat exhaustion if this doesn’t work.

*Joe powers his magic up to the max*

Joe: This better work!

Air Flame: Fool! There is nothing you can do to stop this!

Joe: Just watch me try!!! L5 Tornado!!!

*A massive tornado is released from Joe’s body and it expands around the arena*

*The tornado begins to suck up the flames and the heat starts to be focused on the edges of the tornado itself, driving the heat away from the inward part of the arena. The tornado has become a firenado*

*The winds are fierce and AF can’t sustain himself in the air so he lands*

Air Flame: Damn you! I can’t believe you actually were able to stop Burning Hell!

*Joe is becoming exhausted but he laughs*

Joe: It’s why weather magic is so great.

Air Flame: Hehe. Maybe so, but look how tired you are now from using that much power. You might fall over just by being poked.

Joe: Ha! Give me some credit. I can take more than that.

*AF jumps towards Joe and slams his tail into him*

*Joe is knocked to the edge of the arena and he gets up quickly as he feels the heat from the firenado*

Joe: (Thinking) My attack choices have become more limited because of the amount of magic energy I have used in this fight! I need to make them all count!

*Before Joe does anything else, he takes a look at AF again*

Joe: (Thinking) He is breathing almost as heavily as I am. He may not admit it but using Burning Hell took a lot out of him. Is that why he did not continue attacking me after he used it? …That’s it! He wouldn’t have been able to continue attacking me! He was counting on me dying of dehydration or heat exhaustion! I guess I could try “that”!

*Joe charges his hands with magic and then runs towards AF. This actually shocks AF*

Air Flame: (Thinking) Is he trying to bluff me?

*Joe launches towards AF and punches him in the face which knocks AF back into the firenado. Joe punches AF again and now ice energy is flowing into AF and the firenado*

*The firenado then begins to ascend into the storm cloud that Joe created and Joe and AF are going up with it*

Air Flame: What is this!?

Joe: You are about to find out!

*The fire in the tornado ends as they and the tornado are now completely in the clouds. The intense winds keep them in the clouds*

*Zonbi and the crowd look up in amazement*

Zonbi: Wow, this is incredible! After fighting in a firenado, they are now fighting directly in the clouds and it is hard to see them! How will it end!?

Zeth: Damn, I didn’t know he could do that!

Kurt: I sure didn’t!

Emily: I don’t think any of us knew!

*In the clouds, Joe flies towards AF and punches him but AF punches him back*

Air Flame: How are you capable of this!?

Joe: Hahaha! I’m just full of surprises today! Hey, if you want to fly, then let’s both fly!

*Joe flies in and punches AF and then he spins around him and kicks AF in the back*

Joe: Seems like you find it difficult to move. Not used to flying without your wings I see.

Air Flame: I don’t get it! You were tired out!

Joe: I am but this isn’t using magic. The clouds I created at the beginning of this fight are doing everything for me.

Air Flame: No way!

Joe: To be honest, this is the first time I have pulled this off. I had never succeeded during my training. But right now, the clock is ticking and once you run out of time, you lose!

Air Flame: What do you mean!?

Joe: You know how hail is created right? Storm updrafts cause freezing water droplets to stay in the clouds and the longer they stay in the clouds, the larger they grow. This storm cloud was created by my magic and thus is powered by magic. When the storm sucked in my tornado, it got a power boost from the magic energy of your Burning Hell. The hail I use is Razor Hail. With the power boost that your magic gave to my cloud, there is going to be some big-ass razor hail! And I get it without putting in any more of my own magic!

Air Flame: Then that means!?

Joe: Yes, you have just powered your own demise!

*Joe raises his hand up and grabs a large Razor Hail spear*

Joe: Time’s up!

Air Flame: No!!!!!

*Joe takes the razor hail and slams it into AF’s chest. The force sends them down and out of the clouds*

*As they hit the arena floor, the razor-hail spear pierces all the way through AF’s body and into a tile of the arena. The spear had pierced AF’s heart so he died almost instantly*

*Joe stands triumphantly as the crowd cheers*

Zonbi: What an incredible finish!! This is easily the best fight we have seen in the first round of the tournament so far!

*The UR Captain is starting to grind his teeth*

*Joe walks back to his team as Zonbi destroys the hail spear and then turns AF’s body into a zombie who then walks in the pit of zombies. The storm clouds disappear*

Joe: I’m absolutely exhausted now. I’m going to need a lot of rest.

*He sits down*

Zeth: That’s fine. Get some rest.

Kurt: I’m going next.

*Kurt walks onto the arena and meets his UR opponent*

*Kurt’s opponent is a 4-foot-tall gray gecko demon*

Narrator: Team “Underworld Reptiles” – Swift Feet. Magic Rank – Low B-Rank.

Narrator: Team “Heaven’s Destiny” – Kurt. Magic Rank – Low B-Rank.

Kurt: Aren’t you a little small to be a fighter?

Swift Feet: Size isn’t everything. That will be made clear. Call me Swift Feet.

Narrator: After a rough fight, Joe defeated Air Flame. What challenge will Swift Feet bring?

Chapter 192 END

To be Continued in Chapter 193: First Round. Match Four - Kurt vs Swift Feet