Chapter 193:

Chapter 193: First Round. Match Four - Kurt vs Swift Feet

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 193: First Round. Match Four - Kurt vs Swift Feet

Narrator: Kurt faces off against the short gecko demon, Swift Feet!

*Swift Feet begins running around the arena in a circular fashion at very fast speeds. Kurt tries to figure out what SF is going to do*

Kurt: (Thinking) He’s definitely fast! What is he going to do!?

*Before Kurt is even done thinking, SF stops running and kicks Kurt in the back which knocks him down on the arena face forward*

*Kurt looks to his left to see SF running towards him. Kurt blocks SF’s kick but then SF jumps and stomps on Kurt’s back*

Kurt: Gahh!

*Kurt begins charging his aura so SF jumps off of him. Kurt stands up*

Swift Feet: I may be short but I can perform a beat down!

Kurt: You have speed but I can also adjust to that.

*Kurt’s aura begins to drop down onto the arena floor and forms a 5-foot-radius circle around him*

Swift Feet: You think your little circle will stop me?

*SF charges at Kurt. As soon as SF steps in Kurt’s Aura Circle, he gets hit with an uppercut by an Aura Fist that comes out of the Aura Circle*

*Kurt then punches SF in the face, knocking him back. SF steadies himself and then charges magic into his hands. He then starts running around in circles again around the edges of the arena*

*As he circles around the arena, he starts throwing many small magic energy blasts at Kurt. Kurt is forced to jump in the air to dodge but it also means his Aura Circle vanishes*

Swift Feet: (Thinking) Now I got him!

*SF jumps after him and then punches Kurt multiple times before punching him back down to the ground*

*SF follows that up by stomping Kurt in the gut, causing him to cough and be in a lot of pain*

*SF grabs Kurt’s neck and starts choking him*

Swift Feet: I don’t care if you are human or some sort of artificial demon. You made a grave mistake entering this tournament. We demons enter this tournament to show off our power and that allows us to move up the ranks among demons. Someone like you has no reason to be here and here you will die.

*Aura arms begin to come out of the sides of Kurt’s body*

Kurt: Erg… not true.

Swift Feet: What?

*The aura arms punch SF off of Kurt*

*Kurt stands up and with the Aura Arms, he technically has four arms now*

Kurt: My team… We have our own reason to fight and we will win! These extra arms are made from my Aura Magic but I have full control over them!

Swift Feet: I see but you also can’t have your Aura Circle up at the same time. Perfect.

*SF begins running around the arena again. He launches himself towards Kurt from behind but Kurt blocks with one of his aura arms*

Swift Feet: You just lucky!

*SF begins running around again and attacks from multiple angles but Kurt is able to block them all*

Swift Feet: You shouldn’t be able to block them all!

*SF stops moving and fully charges his whole body with magic so that he glows orange*

Swift Feet: I’m going to grind you into dust!!

*Like a speeding bullet, SF zooms towards Kurt and starts punching and kicking him*

*SF’s blows hit hard and Kurt can’t block. Kurt is knocked back a bit and screams in pain*

Kurt: Ahh!!! Gah!!!

Swift Feet: See! I’m sure your bones are on the verge of being broken!!

*Kurt starts to hold out both of his arms with his hands almost touching. He then holds out his Aura Arms and connects them to his physical arms*

Kurt: (Thinking) Hopefully I can land this hit! This is more powerful than even my Aura Tidal Wave but it’s more difficult to land the hit with this! However, a hit will ensure my victory as Aura Tidal Wave may not. Will I be able to control it?

*SF charges at Kurt and starts punching him*

*Kurt tries to endure the punches and he starts to charge up a lot of magic energy between his arms. He finally kicks SF away from him*

*Elongated energy is now completely formed between Kurt’s arms*

Kurt: Fully charged! Now I need to hit!

Swift Feet: No you won’t!

*SF begins moving around sporadically while gradually getting closer to Kurt*

Kurt: (Thinking) There’s no way I can skillfully aim and hit him! I’m just going to have to guess!

*Kurt closes his eyes and releases a yellow beam of elongated energy*

*He wasn’t aiming directly at SF but SF steps into the path with his sporadic movements and takes a direct hit*

Swift Feet: Nooo!!!!!

*SF is completely destroyed*

*Kurt is breathing heavily as he looks on. There is not a trace left of SF. Kurt then smiles as he falls on his back*

Zonbi: Well, there is nothing left of Swift Feet so Kurt is the winner!

*The demons and zombies in the crowd cheer*

*The heroes rush towards Kurt and help him back towards their side*

Kurt: Thanks, guys. I’m sore all over.

Zeth: No problem. Just get some rest.

Sasha: I’m going next.

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: I can’t wait to see who they send out to meet their end at my hands.

*Sasha walks towards the arena*

Narrator: Kurt defeated the speedy Swift Feet. Who will Sasha face in the next fight? The sadist eagerly awaits her opponent!

Chapter 193 END

To be Continued in Chapter 194: First Round. Match Five - Sasha vs Reptilian Saint