Chapter 194:

Chapter 194: First Round. Match Five - Sasha vs Reptilian Saint

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 194: First Round. Match Five - Sasha vs Reptilian Saint

*Sasha walks onto the arena. The demons in the crowd take notice that she is the daughter of the Dark Goddess*

Demon 1: She’s the half-breed daughter of the Dark Goddess, right?

Demon 2: Yes, but even though her father is human, most of her attributes come from the Dark Goddess. It’s the same with the son of the Light Goddess. Most of his attributes come from the Light Goddess.

*Sasha meets her opponent in the middle of the arena. She looks unimpressed at her opponent. Her opponent is a chameleon demon that wears a red monk outfit*

Narrator: Team “Underworld Reptiles” – Reptilian Saint. Magic Rank – Low A-Rank.

Reptilian Saint: I am known as Reptilian Saint and looking at your Dark Divine Eyes means you are a daughter of the Dark Goddess or some other Dark Divine Being.

Narrator: Team “Heaven’s Destiny” – Sasha. Magic Rank – High A-Rank.

Sasha: Ironic name. A killer demon calling himself a saint. Unfortunately for you, I wouldn’t be able to call myself a saint either.

Reptilian Saint: Ah yes, I am very much aware of how powerful that you must be and am fully aware that I may die in this battle. You will not see me fight with anger. I look forward to an enjoyable match.

*The two of them prepare to fight*

Sasha: I hope you are ready!

*Sasha makes the first move as she tries to punch RS but RS quickly pulls out a katana and blocks her attack*

*Sasha jumps back as RS tries to slash her and they then just stare at each other*

*The audience grows frustrated*

Demon: Come on! Tear each other limb from limb!

*Sasha takes a deep breath and then moves her arms upwards and then brings them back down in a semi-circle shape*

Reptilian Saint: (Thinking) What is she doing? Wait, is she…? Yes!

*In the next instant, Sasha vanishes and then stabs RS in the chest with her hand covered by black magic energy, however, RS had also slashed Sasha on her right shoulder*

*Sasha jumps back again with her shoulder bleeding from the slash*

Sasha: I missed your vital points because of your slash. I see that you are elite at defending the instant attacks. I bet you even saw mine coming.

Reptilian Saint: Yes, I am among the best in defending the instant attack. I recognized that you were using the Moon Pierce Stance.

Sasha: Well then, I won’t rely on them. Come forth, my Hellhounds!

*Six black circles appear on the arena and a hellhound rises from all of them. Sasha sadistically smiles as she points at RS*

Sasha: Let’s tear him limb from limb!

*The crowd cheers at Sasha’s declaration*

*Sasha and the hellhounds charge at RS and he charges magic into his katana. RS slashes a hellhound and destroys it*

*Sasha forms a Dark Spear and tries to stab RS but he jumps and slashes another hellhound on his way down which destroys it*

Reptilian Saint: I am properly trained at taking down multiple foes at once.

*Sasha releases a black mist that covers the arena. Afterward, Sasha rushes towards RS and maneuvers her hellhounds around the arena*

Reptilian Saint: I’m a chameleon demon. This mist won’t help you.

*RS’s skin and clothes begin to blend in with the black mist*

*Sasha smirks*

Sasha: Oh, won’t it?

*Sasha’s Hellhounds bite down on RS*

Reptilian Saint: What!?

Sasha: My Hellhounds are demon dogs. They can still smell you.

*Sasha punches RS hard in the face, knocking him back into the pit of zombies. The punch knocked the wind out of him so he takes a moment to get up as the zombies start piling on him*

Reptilian Saint: Away with you, vile creatures!

*RS slices the zombies on him in half and then jumps back onto the arena*

*The four remaining hellhounds charge at him but he slices them up*

*The black mist starts to clear and Sasha and RS stare at each other*

Reptilian Saint: So how about we take this fight to the next level?

Sasha: Gladly.

*They both charge more magic power, giving RS a green aura and Sasha a black aura*

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: You’re right. I’m starting to enjoy this fight!

Narrator: Sasha and Reptilian Saint are going to make the fight more intense! How will it play out?

Chapter 194 END

To be Continued in Chapter 195: Power of the Dead