Chapter 198:

Chapter 198: Poleon Investigation Report

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 198: Poleon Investigation Report

Narrator: In Heaven.

*Zaydra meets with Harmona in a high-up area that is surrounded by sitting stands. The area is for important meetings. Harmona is sitting at her desk and Zaydra hands her a packet of papers*

Zaydra: Here is the report.

*Harmona begins reading over it*

Harmona: So you found Poleon’s base in the Shyeen Mountains?

Zaydra: Yes. It was well hidden but also wasn’t very well guarded.

*Zaydra recalls what happened 6 months back*


Narrator: 6 months ago in the Shyeen Mountains.

*The task force members all meet at what just appears to be a wall*

Ruby: This is definitely not just some wall in the mountainside.

Kerdon: She is right. This wall is a disguise made of divine plasma.

Zaydra: Then we’re going in.

Bonetru: Let me handle this fake wall.

*Bonetru punches the fake wall and it breaks down*

*The task force members walk into the cave and find themselves in a large room. The room doesn’t have much in it except for a large container in the middle of the room that is filled with dark-colored divine plasma*

Kren: What is this?

Zaydra: In all likelihood, it’s his base that he charges himself to carry out his long-distance assaults without going himself. We better destroy it.

*Zaydra walks up to the container, charging magic into her hand. She releases a Star Shine Blast at it and the beam makes contact with the container*

*However the container’s own high amount of magic power destroys Zaydra’s SSB*

Zaydra: What!?

Poleon: Hmhmhmhmhm. Foolish Zaydra. Don’t think you can get rid of me so easily.

*The container begins to shoot out a lot of magic energy attacks at the task force*

Zaydra: Avoid those!

*They all do their best to dodge the powerful magic beams. As they dodge the beams, Zaydra notices something in the container. A bunch of lines of yellow energy are moving around in the container*

Zaydra: I must absolutely get in that container!

*Zaydra charges her magic to high levels*

Zaydra: Multiple Shooting Stars!! *A bunch of large golden stars form near the ceiling and fall at a 45-degree angle towards the container*

*Not even the container can stop this attack as the stars destroy it. With the container shattered, Zaydra jumps into the divine plasma*

Poleon: So you plan to try and take the information of my plans from me? You also have the possibility of coming under my control in the process and then I wouldn’t even need Zeth for my plans.

*Zaydra struggles as she seeks to overpower the divine plasma that she is in*

*Bits and pieces of information flash in Zaydra’s mind*

Poleon: I will control you.

Sapphire: How about you come and face us yourself!

Poleon: In due time, angel.

*Poleon starts to pierce into Zaydra’s mind*

Zaydra: No! I won’t let you!

*Zaydra releases all of her magic at once and the entire mountain top explodes*

*People in nearby towns see the mountain explode and wonder what is going on*

*Zaydra is freed and all of the divine plasma dissipates*

Poleon: Don’t think that just because you know what my plans are that you will be able to stop it. I will rise and both the Light Goddess and Dark Goddess will fall!

*The presence of Poleon’s energy completely disappears and the other angels are relieved*

Zaydra: I got the information that he kept in that plasma. I will need time to decipher it though. Our investigation is done. We will return to Heaven as soon as we can.

Narrator: End of flashback.


Harmona: I see. And you are sure you learned of all of his plans?

Zaydra: Probably not all but what I did learn was bad. Real bad. It’s unfortunate that it took me this long to decipher the information.

*Harmona begins reading the rest of the report*

*As she gets near the end of it, her eyes open wide. Then her anger starts to rise. She finally slams the packet down on her desk and stands up, furious*

Harmona: Damn you, Poleon!

Zaydra: What will we do?

Harmona: We have to hunt down Poleon! …Or that is what I want to do but I have no idea where he is. It’s unfortunate that the Dark Goddess’s invasion could happen at any time or we would be able to put more focus on Poleon. While you did not stop him, you did stop his ability to carry out many long-distance plans. It’s possible that it could be many years before he is able to carry out his ultimate goals.

Zaydra: Is there anyone that would know where to find him?

*Harmona recalls to her battle with Korobu and what Korobu told her*

(Flashback) Korobu: The only one who was angry was Poleon and you don’t have to worry about him. I will kill him myself. (End Flashback)

Harmona: I hate to ask this of you, but could you find Korobu?

Zaydra: Him!?

Harmona: Yes. He may know where Poleon is. It’s likely in an underworld but we need to know which one.

Zaydra: Okay. I will do it.

Narrator: Harmona now knows of Poleon’s plans. Will Zaydra be able to find Korobu? Does Korobu truly know where Poleon is?

Chapter 198 END

To be Continued in Chapter 199: Zonbi Behind Closed Doors