Chapter 199:

Chapter 199: Zonbi Behind Closed Doors

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 199: Zonbi Behind Closed Doors

Narrator: Outside in the Undead Underworld.

*A small purple mist starts flying around the Undead Underworld and heads towards the Chaos Tournament stadium*

*It then flies through the indoor areas of the stadium and finds Zonbi’s office. The purple mist goes into Zonbi’s office and it moves slowly forward as Zonbi’s back is to the mist. She is sitting in her chair with its back towards the desk*

*Zonbi senses the mist and she frowns*

Zonbi: (Thinking) An uninvited guest…

*Zonbi then speaks aloud*

Zonbi: Don’t try and sneak up on me… Poleon.

Poleon: Oh come now. Don’t be so angry. I’m just here with a request.

*Zonbi turns her chair around to look at the mist*

Zonbi: And why should I fulfill the request of nothing but your fraction? This fraction does not even have a physical form.

Poleon: You see, Zaydra had destroyed my long-distance base of operations so all I have is this weak fraction.

Zonbi: I don’t care. Get to your point.

Poleon: I request that you hand over Zeth and Sasha to me.

*Zonbi raises an eyebrow*

Zonbi: Oh, for your vengeance. You can forget it. I’m not handing them over.

Poleon: Why? Is it because they are participating in your little tournament?

Zonbi: Partially. I also just don’t care about the vengeance you seek. Still want to get back at the goddesses for the extermination of those that only you cared about?

Poleon: Hand over Zeth and Sasha and I promise to spare you when I bring destruction.

Zonbi: Destruction? Ha! I laugh at you. My parents, the last king and queen of the undead, had a field day with all the deaths of those you cared for. There were corpses to turn into zombies everywhere. It was glorious!

Poleon: If you think this is a joke then you are in for a big surprise.

Zonbi: You came to ask the wrong person. As the Queen of the Undead, I love for more deaths to happen.

*The mist begins to leave the room*

Poleon: Remember, you have been warned. You love death, but I bet you don’t wish to die. When I bring destruction, you will die too unless you help me. The End will come.

*The mist completely leaves*

Zonbi: What a pain in the ass.

*Zonbi’s son enters the room*

Boy: That was Poleon, I assume?

Zonbi: Correct.

Boy: What did he want?

Zonbi: He came here demanding that I hand over Zeth and Sasha so he can carry out his vengeance against the goddesses.

*Zonbi smiles*

Zonbi: And we can’t have that now, can we?

*The boy smiles too*

Boy: Oh no we can’t, mother.

Zonbi: After all, you are Zeth’s demon half-brother. And you want to see which side of your brother consumes the other. Will it be Zeth? Or will it be Crimson?

Boy: It’s a toss-up right now. Just 6 months ago, Crimson was a lazy bum that thought he was more powerful than he actually was but I admit he has trained well over these 6 months.

Zonbi: I certainly saw his improved skills during the first round. The real question is, what if one of them dies before they meet each other?

Boy: I don’t think there is any worry. I have no doubts that they will both make it to the final round alive. And with Sasha on Zeth’s team, I like his chances as Sasha alone could handle entire teams if she had to. Though she has the powers of the Dark Goddess unlocked, she isn’t anywhere near as strong as she could be. She still hasn’t passed the human boundaries in power.

Zonbi: That’s because she would have to use divine training practices. She has been using human training practices.

Boy: I see. So do you like the team I put together for Crimson?

Zonbi: Yes, they were all impressive. How did you do it?

*The boy smiles*

Boy: I went to various underworlds and looked for some of the strongest they had and I showed them my power.

Zonbi: Want to give specifics?

Boy: Breakneck was a prisoner of the Brushoken Underworld. I demanded the king release him. The king refused so then I nearly executed him. He then released Breakneck to avoid that execution. Nasan was in an insane asylum in the Swamp Underworld. I promised her that I would be able to free her and put her to good use. Kudo was the easiest to bring. He was desperate to find a real challenge in the Lunar City Underworld and I gave him a sparring match and then he agreed to come. Yoru lurks in the Hidden Darkness Underworld and her lifestyle is haunting people to death. I showed her that she can do more. Izado had been exiled in the Great Magic Underworld for atrocities that he had committed on living people. I promised him that he could continue that in this tournament.

Zonbi: Interesting. I certainly look forward to seeing more from that team.

Boy: Well, I shall be going, mother.

Zonbi: Goodnight.

*The boy leaves*

Narrator: Zonbi would not give over Zeth and Sasha. Does she have other plans for Zeth? The connection between Zeth and the mysterious boy has finally been revealed!

Chapter 199 END

To be Continued in Chapter 200: Prepare for the Second Round