Chapter 200:

Chapter 200: Preparing for the Second Round

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 200: Preparing for the Second Round

Narrator: It is the day after the first round of the tournament ended.

*Kurt is resting in a bed in the stadium medical room. The other heroes enter the room*

Joe: We just wanted to check on you.

Kurt: I’m doing well.

Zeth: As a precaution, we are holding you out of the next round.

Kurt: Wait, what!?

Emily: Your bones were nearly broken during your fight. You can return in the next round.

Kurt: But what if the team you face still has six members left!?

Zeth: We already know they do still have six members left.

Sasha: So I will be fighting two opponents this round.

Kurt: That’s crazy!

Keith: Listen. We’ll manage. While you were being tended to, the rest of us watched the remainder of the first round. We have seen our opponents fight. We’re not going in blind.

*Kurt looks frustrated*

Kurt: But still…

Zeth: Look, we can’t risk you getting knocked out of the rest of the tournament. Just keep resting.

*The heroes leave the room*

*As the heroes go through the hallway of the stadium, Zeth goes a different way than the rest*

Emily: Where are you going?

Zeth: To get some fresh air.

Emily: Alright then.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*As Zeth heads toward the outdoors, he and Crimson cross paths and they both stop with their back towards each other*

Crimson: You know, that ass-kicking you gave me in our last fight really motivated me to improve for the first time ever.

Zeth: Oh, is that so?

Crimson: That was your best chance to consume me. I should just say screw this tournament and consume you now but somehow, I have become more… patient.

Zeth: That’s certainly a surprise.

Crimson: The thought of consuming you in front of a crowd of nearly 100,000 fills me with happiness. Everyone will see that I am the better side of us. It’s what keeps my body’s desire to consume you every time I see you, in check. You can feel it too. Your body desires to consume me just as much as my body desires to consume you. Our bodies desire to become one again.

Zeth: Sometimes I forget that we are actually the same person and that you are just my corrupted side.

Crimson: Hmph. I prefer to think of myself as the stronger side. We will meet in the finals. I’m sure of it.

*Crimson continues walking and then so does Zeth*


Narrator: Outside the stadium.

*Zeth is now outside and looks up at the sky*

Zeth: (Talking to himself) Consumption will happen. There is no more putting it off. By the time this tournament ends, one of us, me or Crimson, existing as a separate personality will come to an end. Don’t I, as the real Zeth, deserve to exist over that corruption known as Crimson? I used to look at this situation as “I’m the real Zeth. Of course I will be the one to consume Crimson” but continuing to look at it like that would be fatal. Mother, I don’t know if you can watch over me while I’m in an underworld but please give me the power to beat Crimson.


Narrator: The next day. All 16 remaining teams gather at the arena.

Zonbi: Good. You are all here now. Are you ready for some chaos?

Random Fighter: Yeah, whatever. We get it. There will be some gimmicks for the remaining rounds.

*Zonbi smirks*

Zonbi: But you don’t know everything.

*She snaps her fingers and then a lot of holes open under the feet of every participant and they all fall in*

*Everyone lands in a dark dungeon and then separated from everyone else*

Zeth: What is this!?

*Via speakers in the dungeon, Zonbi talks to the participants*

Zonbi: Thought you would simply just fight in a tournament, did you? You are all going to go through a chaotic dungeon! Those that survive will advance to fight in the second round! It will be so much fun!

Narrator: Zonbi has thrown a big surprise at the tournament participants. Just how deadly is the dungeon?

Chapter 200 END

To be Continued in Chapter 201: Chaos Dungeon