Chapter 201:

Chapter 201: Chaos Dungeon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 201: Chaos Dungeon

Narrator: All of the teams came out expecting the second round of the tournament to start but they are thrown a curveball as they are all dropped into a dungeon and must survive it to reach the second round!

*All of the participants start running through the dark dungeon. As Zeth runs, he sees two others ahead of them*

Zeth: (Thinking) Other participants but not my teammates. It would be best not to help them. I’m sure every team has the same mindset.

*A hole opens under the two participants and they fall into a pit of lava and die*

Zeth: Shit! I’ll need to be extra careful!

*Zeth jumps over the pit and keeps moving*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha sees a bunch of giant swinging axes hanging from the ceiling and sees someone get sliced by them*

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: (Thinking) Oooooh! I like this! This is my kind of dungeon trap!

*More axes then lower from the ceiling and start swinging at her. She slides under one to dodge, then sidesteps to the right to dodge another*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Joe.

*Joe finds himself in a narrow path with two slanted walls on each side. A lot of fast running zombies start running down the walls*

Joe: (Thinking) Oh shit! I don’t want to still be here when the zombies get down here!

*Joe and the other participants run as far as they can before the zombies get down to them*

Joe: Damn it! We have to fight them!

*As they start fighting, boulders start falling from the ceiling*

Joe: You have to be kidding me!!

*Joe punches a zombie then rolls out of the way of a falling boulder. Some of the participants are unable to get out of the way and get crushed by the boulders. Joe then kicks some more zombies and keeps running*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Keith.

*Keith finds himself in a big room that has a lot of cannons in it. The cannons aim at any of the participants in the room*

Keith: (Thinking) Ah yes, the classic dungeon trap, cannons. She couldn’t have put real dungeon traps in here like lava pits, swinging axes, falling boulders, or dropping spike ceilings?

*The cannons shoot out powerful energy beams. Keith jumps out of the way and starts running*

Keith: (Thinking) Cannons may not be real dungeon traps but they are still a problem!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily.

*Emily finds herself in a large square-shaped room with other participants*

Emily: (Thinking) A square room? Nothing chaotic about this. In fact, the exit door is just across the room. There’s nothing on the floors or walls that traps could come out of.

*Emily and the other participants begin moving forward but then the room starts to shake and the exit door closes*

Random Participant: Look! The ceiling…! It’s…!

*Everyone looks up and the ceiling is covered with spikes and it’s moving down towards them. Emily opens her eyes wide*

Emily: Oh fucking hell!!

*All of the participants make a rush for the exit door*

Random Participant: How the hell are we going to open the exit door!?

*Izado steps forward*

Izado: A door is only an obstacle as long as one does not have the power to remove it. In other words, destroy it.

*Everyone in the room begins attacking the door and they soon destroy it*

Random Participant: Out of my way! I’m going through first!

*As soon as the participant goes through, he gets quickly smashed by a dropping ceiling that then immediately rises back up to the top*

Izado: That goes to show that desperation will not get you through this alive.

*They continue on through the door and try their best not to trigger dropping ceilings but some are not lucky and get crushed*

Emily: (Thinking) This totally sucks! Getting crushed like that is not a good way to go out!


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Keith runs into Emily. Emily’s part of the dungeon merges into Keith’s part of the dungeon*

Keith: No time to talk! Run!

Emily: What?

*Emily sees the cannons aiming at her. She turns around and starts running as they shoot at her*

Emily: I escape the spike and crushing ceilings only to end up running from cannons! I hate this!

Keith: Spike and crushing ceilings? So this place does have real dungeon traps.

Emily: What?

Keith: Never mind! Just keep running!

*Keith and Emily escape the room but one of the participants near them gets vaporized by the beams*


Narrator: Back with Zeth.

Zeth: I hope this doesn’t go on for too long!

*Zeth runs into Sasha and Joe and they find themselves in a room with large swinging axes and laser beams being fired all over the room*

Zeth: I’m glad I ran into you guys!

Sasha: Same! Though I was enjoying watching others get sliced by the swinging axes.

Joe: Let’s just focus on getting through!

*With no other choice, they go for it. It is difficult for them to dodge all the traps in the room as they take a few hits from the lasers*

*Despite that, they manage to make it through alright. They find an opening and get back to the stadium*

Zeth: Thank goddess!

Joe: I never want to do that again!


*As time goes, more and more people show up back to the arena, including Keith and Emily*

*Eventually Zonbi decides to close the exit of the dungeon*

Random Participant: Why are you closing it?

Zonbi: Because everyone that survived it is here now.

Zeth: What!? How do you know!?

Zonbi: Don’t worry. I can tell. And besides, your whole team made it out so why would you complain about having less competition?

*Zeth looks around and there are only eight teams left*

Zeth: Half of the teams have been wiped out?

Zonbi: Looks like it. Some of the teams that made it out also look like they lost a member or two in the dungeon.

*Zonbi focuses specifically on Zeth*

Zonbi: Hey Zeth, come here for a moment.

Zeth: What for?

*Zeth walks up to the desk that Zonbi does her announcing from and she turns off her microphone*

Zonbi: I know that you want your friend’s release in return for participating in this tournament but I have information I’m willing to share with you if you win.

Zeth: What kind of information?

Zonbi: Information that you may or may not be interested in. Win and find out.

*Zeth walks back to the arena*

Keith: Zeth, we have a problem.

Zeth: What is it?

Keith: The team we were supposed to face is one of the teams that got wiped out. We won’t be prepared for who we fight next.

Zeth: Figures. It wouldn’t be chaos if we fought prepared.

Narrator: Half of the 16 remaining teams were wiped out in the chaos dungeon. The heroes will have to fight their next opponents unprepared.

Chapter 201 END

To be Continued in Chapter 202: Second Round. Match One - Joe vs Traya

Author's Comment: This is the last chapter that I wrote in 2015. Now we move on to the chapters I wrote in 2016.