Chapter 202:

Chapter 202: Second Round. Match One - Joe vs Traya

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 202: Second Round. Match One - Joe vs Traya

Narrator: The second round of the Chaos Tournament will now begin!

Zonbi: The first teams to fight in this round will be team “Heaven’s Destiny” and team “Mind Bogglers”!

Emily: Why do we have to go first?

Zeth: Nobody said the bracket had to stay the same.

Joe: I will go first.

*After the other teams clear the arena. The two teams meet in the middle. The other team still has all six members so it’s 5 vs 6*

*MB’s captain wears a black mask over his face that covers his whole face so no features of his face can be seen. He wears a red vest, gray camouflaged pants, and boots*

Narrator: Captain of Team “Mind Bogglers” – Maskodon.

Maskodon: I guess it may be unfair that your team has one fewer than ours.

Zeth: We can handle it.

Sasha: I will fight two of you at the same time.

Maskodon: Is that so? Do you wish to start that way?

Joe: No. I’m fighting first.

Maskodon: Alright then.

*He looks back at his team*

Maskodon: Who wants to fight first?

*A woman steps forward*

Woman: I will.

Narrator: Team “Mind Bogglers” – Traya. Magic Rank – Mid B-Rank.

*Traya is a light-skinned demon that has pointy ears and long orange hair. She wears clothes that match her hair color*

Traya: Hi there. The name’s Traya. Try to make this a fun fight, okay.

Joe: My name is Joe. I don’t plan to make it fun. I plan to win.

*Everyone else leaves the arena*

Zonbi: As a reminder, chaos is now in effect! These won’t be normal fights! Good luck!

Joe: I don’t need luck. I got skill.

*Joe and Traya prepare to fight and the other heroes watch, concerned for Joe*

Emily: I hope he plays this smart. He doesn’t know what Zonbi is going to do mix things up this fight.

Keith: Yeah, the nerves I’m feeling make me feel like I need a drink.

Zeth: All we can do is hope for the best.

Joe: Let’s go!

*Joe tries to punch Traya but she grabs his fist with her hand. Joe then tries to kick Traya but she blocks with her arm*

*Traya tries an uppercut but Joe jumps back. Despite the uppercut missing, it still cuts off a few of Joe’s hairs. Joe looks at his fist and it has cuts on it*

Joe: So what is her specialty?

*Traya starts jumping around the arena, and magic starts to glow on her hands, feet and her head*

Traya: Sorry, but you don’t have time to stand around and talk about it. Five Star Assault!

*Traya gets in close to Joe. However, as she does, a bomb shoots out of an arena tile and explodes, blowing them both back*

Joe: What was that!?

Traya: It certainly wasn’t from me!

Zonbi: That will be the chaos for this fight! You better be careful. Bombs can shoot out of the floor at any time!

Joe: Wonderful…

Traya: It doesn’t matter! I will overcome it!

*Traya begins bouncing around the arena and uses a magic-powered punch which Joe tries to block but he fails. Traya spins 360 degrees and does a punch to Joe’s shoulder. She then head-butts Joe in the face, causing him a lot of pain*

*Traya quickly steps back and then thrusts her leg upwards which kicks Joe in the chin. She finishes her Five Star Assault attack with a swipe kick that knocks Joe into the zombie pit*

*A zombie bites Joe and others try to attack but he unleashes a powerful upward wind that sends the zombies in the air*

Joe: I’m not done!

*Joe gets back on the arena as the zombies fall back into the pit. He is bleeding in all the spots he was hit*

Joe: *huff huff* I think I get it now. Your magic works like paper cuts. It’s sharp but hard to see.

*Joe uses his magic to form storm clouds on the floor of the arena*

Traya: I know you use weather magic. It defeats the purpose of a storm if it’s on the ground.

*Joe smirks*

Joe: Is it?

*Electricity starts sparking in the clouds, forcing Traya to have to keep moving*

Traya: I already move around a lot. This doesn’t help you.

Joe: Maybe you forgot about the other factor of this match.

*As Traya lands, a bomb shoots out of the tile by her and it explodes. Traya is blown on her back and then she takes more damage from being shocked by the lightning within the storm clouds*

Traya: Impressive use of the floor bombs but I will adapt!

*Traya gets back up and starts jumping*

Joe: I got more for you too!

*Joe creates a wind storm. Joe forces the wind down into Traya, blowing her back down onto the floor and she gets shocked by the electricity. Joe rushes in and punches her in the face to knock her back*

*Immediately after, a bomb shoots out of the floor tile by Joe and it blows up, damaging him and knocking him on the floor. Right after, Joe’s ground storm cloud goes away*

Traya: Why did you stop your storm cloud? I bet it takes up a lot of magic, huh?

*Joe gets up and charges at Traya*

Joe: Like I’d tell you what my weaknesses are!

*They trade multiple punches. Joe then lands a punch that knocks her on her back*

*Traya responds by thrusting her hand forward and a bunch of very small but very sharp shards are released. Joe is hit by a bunch and is bleeding even more. He jumps back to give more distance but a bomb shoots out of the floor tile and blows up behind him, knocking him face down on the ground*

*Joe starts slowly getting up*

Joe: Damn! That could have been worse if I was directly next to the bomb!

Traya: That was fun. Let’s have even more fun, shall we?

Narrator: Joe is having trouble with Traya’s sharp magic as well as the bombs shooting out of the floor tiles. How will he succeed?

Chapter 202 END

To be Continued in Chapter 203: A Battle of Sharpness