Chapter 203:

Chapter 203: A Battle of Sharpness

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 203: A Battle of Sharpness

Narrator: Joe’s battle against Traya continues!

*Joe creates a storm cloud on his left hand*

Joe: This will be a battle of sharpness!

*Joe starts running towards Traya. As he runs, another bomb shoots out of the floor tile but he freezes the floor in front of him and slides to avoid the explosion*

Joe: I’m ready for the bomb traps!

*Joe gets up from his slide and releases a barrage of razor hail at Traya from the storm cloud on his left hand but Traya jumps over it and kicks Joe in the face, knocking him back*

*Joe has a vertical cut going up his face*

Joe: I could do without all of these cut wounds…

*Joe gets up and releases more razor hail at Traya. She releases a bunch of her own sharp shards at Joe. The shards collide with each other and cancel each other out*

*Joe and Traya start running parallel to each other while shooting their shards at each other, some hit Joe and Traya and cut them up more*

*Bombs shoot out of tiles near both of them. The bombs blow up and knock them both towards each other*

*Once they get close, they engage in a punching battle where they continuously try to punch each other. Some are blocked and some hit*

Traya: I can sense it! I’m getting close to victory!

*Traya jabs at Joe’s neck but only gets a slight cut on his neck because Joe grabs her arm*

Joe: It won’t be you! It will be me!

*Traya kicks Joe on the floor which leaves him lying on his back*

Traya: You’re just a fool!

*Traya releases a lot more shards down at Joe*

Traya: Looks like I win… What!?

*A lot of razor hail grows out of Joe’s body and blocks Traya’s shards*

*Joe stands up. The razor hail makes him spiky all over*

Joe: I really didn’t want to use this because of the amount of magic it uses up but these wounds are becoming bad. This is just like my ability that completely covers my body with electricity.

Traya: Covering your whole body with razor hail? That is insane!

Joe: I suppose since it could be pushed into my body that it could backfire but you have to take risks in a fight like this.

*Joe rushes towards Traya*

Traya: No! I can’t stop that!

*Joe stabs Traya in multiple spots with his razor hail*

Traya: Gahh!!

*Joe punches Traya, making her stumble back. Another bomb shoots out of a floor tile and it explodes, blasting Traya into the zombie pit. Traya’s wounds are so deep that it’s hard for her to move*

Traya: No! Damn! Get away from me, you damn zombies!

*The zombies approach Traya, ready to devour her flesh*

*Joe stares on with a serious expression on his face*

Traya: No!! This can’t be happening!! I don’t want to be eaten by zombies!!!

*The zombies begin to feast on Traya as she can’t fight them off*

Traya: Nooooooooo!!!

*Traya dies as her flesh is consumed by the zombies*

Zonbi: Joe has won the fight! Traya gets devoured by the zombies and now what remains of her corpse gets to become a zombie!

*Zonbi turns Traya’s corpse into a zombie and zombie Traya stands up with all of the other zombies. Joe then walks back to his team and the razor hail on his body dissipates*

Joe: I’m going to need to be bandaged up now. I took way too much damage from that battle.

Zeth: No kidding. You look horrible.

*Keith steps forward*

Keith: You get some rest, Joe. I’ll take it from here.

*Keith walks onto the arena and meets his opponent which is a female demon with dark green skin. Her hair is made of thick black strands that have red eyes. She wears a black dress*

Narrator: Team “Mind Bogglers” – Medusa. Magic Rank – Mid B-Rank.

Medusa: My name is Medusa. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Keith: Same. My name is Keith. Now unless you want to get some drinks, let’s get this fight started.

*Medusa smiles*

Medusa: Don’t worry about that. Our fight will be a blast. You won’t even have to move.

Narrator: After Joe took out Traya, Keith meets his opponent, the glaring Medusa!

Chapter 203 END

To be Continued in Chapter 204: Second Round. Match Two - Keith vs Medusa