Chapter 207:

Chapter 207: Sasha the Reaper

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 207: Sasha the Reaper

Narrator: Sasha plans to use Power of the Dead!

Sasha: You both fought well but this fight ends here.

*Sasha surrounds herself with a dark mist. Then the 10-foot-tall bloody face rises out of it, moaning and it flies around the stadium*

*Then the entire stadium is covered in darkness and Sasha is still not seen*

Nemuri: Where is she?

*Dark Divine Eyes appear behind him*

Sasha: Here.

Nemuri: What!?

*A slash happens by Nemuri’s shoulder and then a large cut appears on his shoulder with blood splashing out*

Nemuri: Gahh!!

Dira: Damn you! We won’t fall so easily to this power like that reptile demon did!

*Dira swallows another pill and opens his mouth wide as he shoots a powerful energy beam towards where he thinks Sasha is*

Dira: Did I get her!?

*He notices something at the last second and dodges. It was another slash*

Sasha: That was a good dodge. Can you keep it up?

*Sasha appears in her entirety. She wields a black scythe made of darkness and wears black grim reaper clothes (minus the hood)*

Sasha: Power of the Dead: Reaper Form.

Nemuri: So you changed your clothes and made yourself a weapon, big deal!

*Sasha smirks*

Sasha: You won’t think so lightly of it very soon.

*Nemuri charges a lot of magic into his arm and vanishes*

Sasha: Sorry, that won’t work now.

*Sasha turns to her side and slashes*

*Nemuri appears but his upper body is cut off*

Dira: Nemuri!!!

*Dira swallows another pill and he grows up to 30 feet tall*

Dira: I will kill you!! Harargaraerg!! (Author's Note: That is simply Dira becoming more mentally unstable)

*Sasha readies to fight*

Sasha: You’ve completely lost your sanity now. This won’t take long.

*Dira slams his fist into the ground trying to hit Sasha but she jumps to dodge and she then slashes his arm, leaving a large cut*

Dira: Arhrhbefmgah!!

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: I’ve never carved out the insides of someone of this size before, maybe I should give it a try! Though on second thought, I don’t want to taste your drugged blood!

*Sasha jumps around as Dira tries to grab her*

Dira: Marfgera!!

*Sasha does a powerful slash and takes off one of Dira’s arms. She then starts running up what is left of his arm. As she reaches his shoulder, Dira slams his other hand on it and she jumps to dodge, she then reaches his neck*

Sasha: This will end it!

*Sasha charges up a lot of magic and slashes Dira’s neck. The slash is so powerful that Dira’s head is cut off. Sasha jumps away and Dira’s enormous body falls to the floor*

*Dira and Nemuri are now both dead. Sasha ends the Power of the Dead and the stadium returns to normal*

*The crowd cheers*

Zonbi: Sasha impresses in her win over two opponents at once! That was great!

*Sasha happily walks back to her team*

Sasha: I hope you all enjoyed that one.

Zeth: How many different death powers do you have?

Sasha: A bunch.

Zeth: I wish to see all of them sometime.

Sasha: I suppose I could show you sometime. But there needs to be sufficient death energy around.

Zeth: Well, I guess it’s my turn.

*Zeth walks onto the arena and meets the final opponent of “Mind Bogglers”

Narrator: Captain of Team “Mind Bogglers” – Maskodon. Magic Rank – High B-Rank.

Maskodon: I’m impressed with your team. No doubt that yours is better than mine. Now I just want to show what I can do.

Zeth: Let’s do this then!

Maskodon: You will see my interesting powers.

Narrator: The match against the captain of team “Mind Bogglers” is about to begin! Zeth winning will punch his team’s ticket to the semifinals! What abilities does Maskodon have?

Chapter 207 END

To be Continued in Chapter 208: Second Round. Match Five - Zeth vs Maskodon