Chapter 208:

Chapter 208: Second Round. Match Five - Zeth vs Maskodon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 208: Second Round. Match Five - Zeth vs Maskodon

Narrator: Zeth is ready to take on the other team’s captain!

Zonbi: Knowing your powers, let’s add this!

*The arena starts to completely transform and takes on the appearance of a dark room with a lot of mirrors in it*

Zeth: Whoa! I didn’t know the arena could make this kind of transformation!

Maskodon: I think it makes an interesting environment for our fight. Now let me show you the powers of my masks.

*Maskodon starts to take off the black mask that covers his whole head. Underneath that mask is the mask of a dragon*

Maskodon: Dragon Mask.

*Maskodon begins running towards Zeth and he unleashes a flame breath from his mask*

*Zeth jumps over the fire but Maskodon jumps after him and punches him hard, knocking him back. The fire bounces off a mirror and hits Zeth from behind, dealing even more damage to him. The flame burns Zeth and he falls to the ground*

*Maskodon lands on Zeth’s back to stop him from moving*

Maskodon: Try to make this more challenging.

*Maskodon is about to release more fire from his mask but Zeth creates a Star Shard and jams it into Maskodon’s leg. The pain makes him jump off Zeth and then Zeth quickly kicks him away*

Maskodon: That was a good one.

*Maskodon takes off the dragon mask and under it is a gorilla mask. His muscles get bigger*

Maskodon: Gorilla Mask.

Zeth: Woah! Those masks can cause you to go through physical changes!?

Maskodon: That is correct!

*Maskodon begins running towards Zeth*

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast at Maskodon. Maskodon simply punches it out of the way and keeps running. The SSB starts bouncing off various mirrors in the room*

Zeth: He can’t do that!

*Once Maskodon gets close, Zeth punches him but he just brushes it off and grabs Zeth and slams him against a mirror while holding on to his neck*

*Zeth sees that his SSB is still bouncing around mirrors and is getting closer*

Zeth: (Thinking) If I’m lucky, that will hit him…

Maskodon: I’m sure you want to see my strength with this mask. Let me show you.

*Maskodon punches Zeth hard in the face. The hit causes his nose and mouth to drip blood. Despite that, Zeth smiles*

Zeth: Yeah, that was quite the hit…

*Zeth sees the SSB bounce off a mirror and it flies toward Maskodon. The SSB flies into Maskodon’s side and knocks him off of Zeth and into a wall before finally exploding*

Zeth: (Thinking) Yes, I’m starting to like these mirrors! Perhaps I can further use them to my advantage!

*Maskodon is damaged but he gets up. He removes his gorilla mask and under it is a lion mask. His muscles go back to their usual size*

Zeth: I can only wonder what this mask will do for you…

*Zeth starts running*

Maskodon: You shouldn’t run when I use this mask. I enjoy the chase!

*Maskodon runs after Zeth like a lion with great speed*

Zeth: (Thinking) He’s fast! This better work!

*Zeth runs straight at a mirror and releases a Star Shine Blast at it. It bounces off the mirror and Zeth jumps over it. The blast hits Maskodon in the face and he takes damage a lot of damage*

Zeth: Yes!

Maskodon: Clever trick!

*Zeth runs towards another mirror and turns around. Maskodon charges at Zeth and he gets back on two legs. He attempts a magic-powered punch but Zeth jumps over the attack. The punch hits the mirror, causing his fist to bounce off the mirror and hit himself in the face*

Zeth: Impressive. Hit by your own punch.

Maskodon: You got me with another clever trick but you need time to set them up. I won’t give you that time.

*Maskodon quickly turns around and charges at Zeth again. Zeth does not have the time to react and is punched and then swipe kicked by Maskodon, knocking him back into a mirror*

*The mirror hits back at Zeth with all the force that he hit the mirror. He is knocked down to the ground in a lot of pain*

Zeth: Even being knocked into the mirror causes it to hit back!? Damn!

Maskodon: How about I show you my favorite mask?

*Zeth looks as Maskodon takes off his lion mask and the new mask is a gray demon mask with glowing yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and horns*

Maskodon: This is my favorite mask. The Zotun Demon Mask.

Narrator: What is Masuku’s favorite mask capable of? What will Zeth need to do to win?

Chapter 208 END

To be Continued in Chapter 209: Crashing Down