Chapter 219:

Chapter 219: Final Round. Match Two - Emily vs Nasan

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 219: Final Round. Match Two - Emily vs Nasan

*Nasan steps onto the arena* (Appearance Reminder: She is a 6-foot-tall woman, who has unkempt long black hair that goes out in many directions. She looks crazy)

Nasan: So which of you will be my opponent? Hehehe.

Narrator: Team “Crimson Heart” – Nasan. Magic Rank – Low A-Rank.

*Emily steps forward*

Emily: I got this one.

Zeth: Got it.

*The other heroes go back to their side of the arena*

Nasan: I can’t wait to tear out your insides!

*Off the arena, Sasha looks annoyed*

Sasha: (Thinking) Tearing out insides is my thing…

Zonbi: Let’s change the arena!

*Zonbi snaps her fingers and the arena starts to change. A new zombie pit opens in the middle of the arena and zombies start to come out of the ground of the pit. The arena begins to take the form of a room with lots of lit candles and chandeliers. The edge zombie pit is not a factor in this fight*

Zonbi: You may begin!

*Nasan starts quickly jumping around towards Emily and then lunges at her with clawed hands. Emily pulls out her Ability Sword and blocks. Nasan continuously swipes at Emily and Emily has to keep blocking with her sword*

Emily: Sword, Red!

*Emily’s sword turns red. She sidesteps and tries to slash Nasan but Nasan jumps over it*

*Emily also pulls out her X12 Shatter Shotgun and shoots it at Nasan. The shot hits Nasan and knocks her back in addition to dealing some damage*

Nasan: That actually hurt me…

*Nasan licks the blood off her arm and does a creepy smile*

Emily: Most people don’t smile like that after getting hurt. So creepy!

Nasan: Well…

*Nasan does a super-fast dash through the mid zombie pit and reaches Emily and then swipes Emily with her claws. Emily only gets a block at the last second but the harm is done as Nasan’s claws leave a few long cuts on Emily’s stomach and blood splats out a bit. Emily’s block only saved her from a finishing blow*

Nasan: …I’m not like most people!

*Nasan jumps back to prevent a counterattack. Emily holds one hand over her wound. Nasan licks Emily’s blood off her claws*

Nasan: Delicious. Hahahaha!

Emily: You’re insane!

Nasan: Everyone else seems to think so too. So they put me in an insane asylum!

*Emily pulls out her Shadow Sword and her iris color turns dark red*

Emily: I will use my ultimate weapon to defeat you!

*Emily rushes towards Nasan. Nasan shoots her sharp fingernails out towards Emily but Emily slashes them all down. Nasan immediately grows new fingernails*

Emily: You won’t be smiling after this!!

*Emily jumps towards Nasan and thrusts her sword downwards. Nasan sidesteps to dodge*

Nasan: I love when my prey is overconfident!

*Emily starts slashing at Nasan and Nasan swipes at Emily. The sword and claws keep clashing and ending in draws*

Emily: Her claws are able to strike even blows with my Shadow Sword!?

*Nasan smiles and finally gets a blow in by swiping at Emily’s face which leaves a few long cuts on her cheek. Emily screams as she puts one hand on her face and slashes at Nasan with the other. The slash cuts off the pinky finger on Nasan’s right hand*

Nasan: Aww, my pinky finger!

*Nasan kicks Emily into the mid zombie pit. The zombies moan as they try to gather around Emily*

Emily: No!

*Emily slashes a zombie as she pushes herself up. Dhe then jumps in the air but is met by Nasan*

Emily: Oh no you don’t!

*Emily starts slashing her sword rapidly at Nasan. Emily is able to cut off Nasan’s right hand before being kicked to the wall and then falls down to the floor. Emily is still bleeding on her stomach and face but she starts to get up and laughs a little*

Emily: With only one hand left, this fight is about to be over!

*Nasan smiles and drinks the blood from her wound*

Nasan: Not quite.

*From Nasan’s right arm socket grows out three red tentacles that are a few feet in length. Emily is shocked*

Nasan: You see, when you are in an insane asylum, they give you lots of drugs and some of them have… interesting side effects.

Emily: Are you kidding me!?

*Nasan rushes towards Emily and extends her tentacles and wraps one around Emily’s neck and lifts her up. Emily loses grip of her sword and drops it*

Nasan: No, I’m not kidding. It’s the end for you, my prey!

*Emily is being choked*

Emily: (Thinking) I can’t breathe! What am I going to do!? Am I about to die!?

Narrator: Emily is now at the mercy of Nasan! What can she do to get out of this desperate situation?
Chapter 219 END

To be Continued in Chapter 220: Rise of an Earth Den Woman